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Copper Piping Is The Best

Here are some quick facts on copper piping. Copper pipes date back to over 4000 years. History tells us that ancient Egyptians used copper to transport water around 2150 BC. The Romans used copper pipes to distribute water. Copper has become the most used material for plumbing since the 1940’s. Cooper is scientifically safe and reliable. Proven to last 50 years or longer in our homes. Lead pipes were once the first choice for our plumbing but have proven to be a health risk.

Copper Piping Took A Big Hit

To lower costs, many municipalities of the 1980’s and 1990’s turned their sites onto plastic piping for their water lines. The copper market took a hit by losing 25% of the market share. Up through the mid-1970’s, copper had 75% of all service installations. That would soon slip away when lower cost pipes lured municipalities up through the 2000’s. Municipalities started experiencing a trend of issues with pipe leaks and loss of water from plastic service lines. Plastic had captured 50% of the waterline market. Since the 2000’s, copper has seen a steady increase and those same utilities and municipalities have moved back to purchasing copper. Copper has proven to be the best value providing longer life and reliability.

Copper Piping Made A Great Comebackcopper pipe fittings

By 2009 copper has increased its market share to 79% of the water service line market. In the end, cooper exceeded expectations, and the cheaper plastic lines could never outlast durability of copper pipes. In a 100 years from now when old pipes are replaced with new ones, the copper will be recycled holding its value.

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If you have a home dating back to the 1970’s or older, it’s time to have your pipes evaluated. Many of our older homes still have the old galvanized pipes. You can call your Big B’s Plumbing professional to examine your current pipes and provide you with a FREE estimate to replace your old pipes with new ones. Big B’s is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and a perfect contractor’s license #986152.

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