Save Water Now!

Do Your Part To Save Water

So what does it mean to “Do my part to save water?” If we’re honest with ourselves, you would have to agree, that we’re creatures driven for pleasure. Most of us think we deserve certain treatment. For example, if we put in a hard day’s work we may feel like we deserve a good meal or a long hot shower. Maybe you skipped a shower, so you feel you deserve to take an extra long one. In any case, just by nature, when we accomplish something, we feel we deserve something in return. There’s a buzzword that’s been around for some time now,  “Karma.” How we use it is probably not the exact definition, but in general, what it says is if you do something good, then something good will happen to you. If we want to save our environment which includes our precious water, we’re going to have to get out of our comfort zone and do our part whether it’s good Karma or not, just do something good. 

Saving Water Starts With You And MeSave Energy Save Money

Everyone taking responsibility for a small part will save masses amounts of water, and it starts with you and me. Have you ever thought about rinsing off, then shutting off the water, then lather, then shut off the water, then rinse?  When you do your final rinse, take an extra couple of minutes to enjoy the hot shower. Don’t brush your teeth or shave in the shower without first turning the water off. If you’re one that enjoys a hot bath, take one as an occasional treat because baths use 35 to 50 gallons of water versus a shower that uses 25 gallons for a 10-minute shower with a low flow shower head.

Don’t Be A Water Nazi

Have you ever walked around your neighborhood and experienced seeing excessive water flowing down the street to the sewer? Most of us have, but very little of us have ever done anything about it. Now let me make something clear no one wants the “water police” running around the neighborhood correcting everyone on their water usage. With that said, you can take some positive steps toward change by dropping your neighbor a friendly note. In most cases, our sprinklers are set to timers, and they get out of whack. Some people aren’t even aware there’s a problem until someone tells them. And remember, you can’t MAKE someone fix the problem.

Let’s All Do Our Part – Save Water By Keeping A Watchful Eye

You’ll find that the Homeowners Association (HOA) is responsible for much of our water waste in our neighborhoods. You can call and notify them of a problem. It’s always good to follow up with a letter or email that’s dated. Don’t forget a picture paints a thousand words and that goes the same for your neighbor. HOA usually responds to broken water pipes quickly. The City is also responsible for some of our water loss, and they’re eager to learn of broken water lines including areas that are using excessive amounts of water unnecessarily. We are the eyes of the city. They depend on us to report water issues. For San Diego, you can call the water leak hotline (619) 515-3525. For Riverside, you can call (951) 782-0330. Above all, be patient and remember, “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar,” so always use kind words when addressing neighbors, HOA’s or the City.  Let’s all do our part to save water.

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