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What’s the straight scoop on water heaters? We’ve all heard the passage, “The truth will set you free.” Whether we know it or not, we’re all in search of the truth, and that holds true for everything we purchase. We’ll want to see if we’re getting a quality product at a good value. For some, it’s solely about cost, and for others, the price is no concern.  Most of us check reviews on a product or service and make sure it matches our budget then we buy it.

Best Reviews Don’t Mean You’re Getting The Best

When we search online for “best water heater reviews,” we get advertisers connecting you to companies that are paying for your attention or view. They may say, “best water heater reviews,” but they are not actual reviews. For example, I typed in, “best water heater reviews” then I clicked on, “best water heaters for residential use”. It took me to the website, Water Heater Hub. I clicked on the first search, and it took me to Amazon.com. That is not what I wanted.

Consumer Reports Pretty Reliable

Consumer Reports usually has the best data but they do have paid advertisers like Amazon. Some complaints about Consumer Report is there is no performance data on the water heaters it is reviewing. Another problem with the water heater companies is their ability to respond quickly to complaints. What we found is that some companies take a week or more to respond and no one wants to go a week without hot water. Since our water heater lasts 8 to 13 years, you won’t find people writing reviews about them. They may write a review about the installation but not on the water heater itself unless of course, something goes wrong.

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Bradford White Is A Recommended Brand

If you purchase a water heater from your plumbing company and something goes wrong, your plumbing company should handle the problem promptly. Bradford White water heaters are sold, distributed and serviced by your many local plumbing companies. They’re made in the USA and come highly recommended by plumbing professionals. If something were to go wrong with your Bradford White heater, you could expect prompt service.  A.O. Smith, Rheem, Rinnai, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and EcoSmart are all brands that provide a quality water heater.

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