Help! The Drain Stinks!

Does your bathroom drains stink? Well, you’re not alone. The stuff that ends up down our drains such as toothpaste, hair, dead skin hair products is all a recipe for a stinky sink. The black gunk that builds up in your sink that causes the smell is called bio-slime. It’s a bacteria that forms from organic material. Left without regular maintenance it will clog your sink and began to stink like rotten eggs.

The Solutions For A Smelly Drain

If your drains have begun to emit that rotten egg smell, there are a few key reasons why this might be happening, and the good news is: the solutions are often for the Do-It-Yourself! So, here are a few things to look out for if the drains in your home smell less than pleasant.

While the P-Trap may sound like a technical plumbing apparatus, it’s a pretty simple device, with an important job! The P-Trap is a U-shaped pipe fixture; the U-shape works to retain a pool of water which blocks sewer gas from passing through and rising into your bathroom. If the P-Trap is not airtight, leaks, or is ultimately empty, you may have the cause for the stench. The toilet, shower, and sink in the bathroom should all have P-trap fixtures, so make sure you check all sources!

Solutions: Run the tap or pour water down the drain to refill the P-Trap, flush the toilet to refill the trap, pour water into the shower drain.

To prevent bio-slime from building up once a week boil a kettle full of hot water and slowly pour it down your drain.

Dirty Drains? The Fix Is For The DIY’er

If it’s been a while since the drains in your bathroom have had a proper cleaning, the matter has time to build up and potentially cause some significant odor. A gentle but effective DIY cleaner to give your drains a good flush may be the solution to unpleasant odors.

Solutions: Heat a cup of white vinegar and pour down the drain; it should be simmering. Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain, as well. Allow this mixture to work its magic, foam up, and eat away the nasty stuff. Let it sit for a few, at least 15 minutes (an hour if you have some time), then run hot water down the drain for at least a minute as a final flush.

Need Help Give Us A Call!

Performing one, or all of these DIY fixes should leave your drains smelling fresh! If not, or if the problem returns quickly, it may be time to call one of our professionals at Big B’s Plumbing, serving all of Riverside County! If the smell is coming from the water itself or is emanating from multiple drains, it could signify a serious issue with your water supply or plumbing that requires professional help.

At Big B’s Plumbing, our experts can help accurately diagnose the problem, and ensure your drains are performing and smelling their best! License #986152

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