Hemet Slab Leak Repair And Detection

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We've Been Experiencing Slab Leaks In Hemet

Hemit Slab Leak Repair And Detection

At Big B's Plumbing, we've been providing Hemet Slab Leak Repair and Detection services for many years. Once a small farming city that neighbored the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County is now one of the bigger cities in the Inland Empire, a thriving city with dairy farms, housing tracts right next to each other. At Big B's Plumbing, we've been providing plumbing services to Hemet for several years. Major shopping malls, strip malls schools, car dealers, health care and hospitals have all sprung up over the past few years. Hemet has seen close to a 400% growth since 1980. Recently we've been experiencing slab leaks in some of the older houses dating back to 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and even some homes from the 1990s. While slab leaks are usually common in older homes, they can pop up in newer ones as well.

Our Pipes will Not Last Forever

As much as we may think that our copper pipes will last forever, nothing can be further from the truth. Like everything else, our pipes will also wear out over time. Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes; a slab leak is when a pipe starts to leak while encased in the concrete foundation. In most cases, the leakage is a small pinhole leak, and if not addressed early enough, it's known to cause significant damage. Because the pipes are encased in concrete, early detection can be a little tricky, but if we see the signs early enough, it could save us from a lot of grief.

Your Water Bill Is A Management Tool

Consider your water bill as a management tool for your home's plumbing system. Your water bill provides a wealth of information including information that will tell you if you have a water leak. For example, when most of us view our water bill and it's unusually high we start telling everyone to cut back on time spent in the shower, while never expecting a slab leak. Below is a simple test that Check Your Meter For A Leakwill help you know if you have a water leak.

1. Make sure all the water in your home is set to off.
2. Locate your water meter close to the street, and turn it off.
3. With a pad and pencil write down the reading number of your meter.
4. With all water turned off in your home, wait for 30 minutes.
5. Return to your water meter and re-check the number. If the reading has gone up, you have a water leak, but don't stop there!
6. Most homes have a landscape valve for the landscaping. Turn the landscape valve off and write down the new water meter reading.
7. Wait for 30 minutes before rechecking your meter. If your meter has increased while your landscape valve is turned off, then the water leaks in your home, but if the meter never increased then the leaks in the irrigation.

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Hemet Slab Leak Repair And Detection Is On Call 24/7Hemet Slab Leak An Detection Truck

Once you know you have a leak and you know where to look, it will empower you to take action. For now, we'll address the leak that's coming from the home. First and foremost, eliminate the obvious like dripping shower heads, faucets, and running toilets. Next, complete an inspection under each sink to make sure you have no leaks under your sinks; also inspect your water heater for possible leaks.

Three Rules For Discovering A Slab Leak

Once you have covered the basics, then inspect for a slab leak. Three rules for checking for a slab leak: listen, look and feel. First, listen for a hissing sound or water that is continuously running. Look for laminate and wood floors that appear to be buckling. The tiles will darken and discolor. The adhesive on the underside of your linoleum will lose its stick and begin to bubble. Then feel the carpeted areas of the house, that may include moving furniture and feeling underneath. If you feel signs of moisture, then the chance are you've found your problem. Once this happens, call your Hemet slab leak repair and detection company.

Trust the Slab Leak And Repair Expert From Big B's Plumbing

If you've discovered a leak, trust the Hemet slab leak repair and detection experts from Big B's Plumbing. In addition to our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and top-notch reviews we also provide on-the-spot financing, 12 months same as cash. Call today and get the great value and the fast, reliable service you deserve.