Home Pipe Replacement, What Next?

As most people already know, homeownership comes with great responsibility.  For some homes, it seems like nothing goes wrong while other experience the occasional setbacks. For the most part, newer homes may have minor plumbing fixes unless the original craftsmanship was shabby, but older homes can experience significant plumbing problems. While most of us might think that pipes last forever, nothing can be further from the truth. Tree roots, hard water and in some places weather can all affect our plumbing pipes resulting in pipe replacement.

Pipe Replacement Isn’t In The Budget

home pipe replacement

When something significant goes wrong, we panic, and the first thing we think of is cost. If you’re like most Americans, we have a budget for everything, and a major plumbing problem wasn’t in the budget. The biggest question is, “What is considered a significant plumbing problem?”

Most common problems are:

Don’t Panic – Check Your Homeowner’s Policy

Before you panic, there are some things to research. First, will your homeowner’s insurance cover the damage? That will always hinge on the coverage you have. All homeowner’s insurance covers leaks that are abrupt and accidental. Some policies even cover long-term pipe failure. As for sewer lines it to will depend on the plan. What it may cover is collateral damage caused by a backed up sewer line. For example, if your toilet backs up and causes water damage, then the water damage would be covered. But again, it will depend on the coverage. For a small amount more, most carriers will beef up your coverage.

Most, if not all carriers, cover water damage caused by a broken pipe. As odd as it might seem, the only thing the homeowner would be responsible for is the broken pipe itself. Flooring, drywall, tiles, and mold would all have coverage from your carrier.

Something “BIG” To Consider

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