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How To Find A Plumbing Contractor

It not hard to find a plumbing contractor. In fact, it’s not hard to find any contractor. Finding them is simple, getting to know them takes a little work. Give yourself five to ten minutes, and you can find out everything you need to know. The California State License Board (CSLB) can give you all the details you want to know about on a contractor. What it doesn’t do is give reviews. If you have a contractor license, you can check it with CSLB Online Services. CSLB will provide the public with the companies name, address, and business phone. In addition, they’ll give you the entity, the issue date of the entity, and expiration date. Also provided is the license status, whether it’s current or active.

More Information includes:How To Find A Plumbing Contractor

  • License Classification
  • C36 – PLUMBING
  • Bonding Information
  • Contractor’s Bond
  • Bond Number
  • Bond Amount
  • Effective Date

It also provides ownership information on the company. Only construction-related civil judgments that are reported to the CSLB are disclosed. CSLB lets the public know if your contractor carries workers’ compensation. It’s important to know that workers that enter your home or business are insured while working.  

CSLB Has Excellent Features For Finding A Contractor

If you don’t have a license number and you want to locate or check on a contractor, the CSLB has an excellent feature that allows you to do that. Enter the zip code or city along with the type of contractor you’re looking for, it will provide you a complete list of contractors in your city or town. If you are unsure of the exact type of license contractor you’re looking for, no worries, there’s a drop-down menu that gives you a full list of contractors to choose from. For example, I’m looking for a plumbing contractor in the 92562 area code I use the drop down and found the license classification C-36 – plumbing contractor. The CSLB provides a wealth of information for both consumers and contractors.  Below is a list of some of the resources you can expect from the CSLB.

  • Checklist for Pre Screening Contractors (PDF)
  • Ten Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up (PDF)
  • Mandatory Arbitration Program Guide (PDF)
  • Voluntary Arbitration Program Guide (PDF)
  • A Consumer Guide to Asbestos (PDF)
  • What Seniors Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor(PDF)
  • What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor (PDF)
  • A Consumer Guide to Filing Construction Complaints (PDF)
  • A Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Contracts (PDF)
  • After A Disaster Don’t Get Scammed (PDF)

And the list goes on.


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