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How To Find Your Lifetime Plumber

Finding your lifetime plumber is similar to discovering that trustworthy auto mechanic you’ve had for years. You want to be confident that they are advising you of necessary services, and giving you your best options. It does take some time to find that special relationship; unfortunately, you might have to go through a few calls and appointments before you feel good about the company you finally choose as your lifetime plumbing company.

Finding Your Lifetime Plumber

1) Ratings, Reviews, and Referrals – Nowadays, we can be steps ahead in the process of choosing the perfect plumber when we read reviews online and research the companies before we make one phone call. Read what others have experienced with the plumbing companies you are studying. Past customers have had first-hand experience with that company in question, so be informed. Just be careful, these days companies can pay for positive reviews or get their friends to review their business. Also, call your neighbors and friends to see who they’ve used, and what they have to say.

2) Narrow it down to three companies and start making the calls.  Questions to consider: How fast can you get an appointment? Do they sound professional? Are they listening to your plumbing issues and concerns?

3) When you get your service call, does the technician seem knowledgeable? Again, does he (or she) listen to your concerns? Is he (or she) providing you pertinent information on how to move forward with your plumbing issues? Is he proposing something more than what you may need?

In general, it’s good practice to get three estimates though sometimes two is just fine. It’s probably wise, too, to talk a bit and see if the bottom figure (cost) is reasonable and they didn’t try to upsell you. And remember, you are not obligated to have them service your plumbing issue if you are not comfortable with the technician or the cost.

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