Low water pressure

I Woke Up To Low Water Pressure

Did you ever get up one morning and notice that the water seemed like it was barely coming out? Not having hot water is the worst, but low water pressure is a short secon88h the problem is isolated to a faucet or shower head, then the problem can usually be fixed without calling the plumber. In most cases, it’s calcium buildup from our hard water. If the low pressure is coming from your faucet, you can simply change the aerator which is a minor fix. The cost of an aerator is between $4 and $7. If the problem is with your showerhead, then soak it in vinegar and hot water for a couple of hours. Using an old toothbrush scrub the shower head then run water through it to make sure all the holes are clear.

So, what if the problem of low water pressure is throughout the house? Then something more significant is happening. Before you call your plumber, check with your neighbors to make sure they don’t have the same problem. It’s not unheard of that your Regional Water Company is having a temporary problem causing your water pressure to dip.

Your Water Pressure Regulator FailedWater pressure regulator - low water pressure

Another problem that’s very common is your water pressure regulator failed. Depending on the conditions, some water pressure regulators will only last a few years, but we’ve heard of them lasting up to 40 years in some cases. It’s usually the first place your plumber will look to diagnosis for low water pressure. A failed water pressure regulator could cause a rise in water pressure as well as a drop. Whatever the case, it will need replacing.

Could Be Your Water Meter Valve Or Shut Off Valve

There are two valves that allow water to flow into our homes freely. One of the valves is connected to the water meter located near the street. If that valve is partially closed this would result in low water pressure. The other valve is the water shut off valve to the house.  It could be partially closed causing the water pressure problem.

Worst Case Scenario – The Pipes Need To Be Replaced

In the worst case scenario and most pressing problem, your home pipes are ready to be replaced. Pipes that are more than 50 years old and have never had any water filtration are subject to leaks and mineral build up. Brass pipes can last 40-70 plus years, copper for 50+ years and galvanized steel for 20 – 50 years. Unfortunately, everything wears out and will need replacing, and that includes your home pipes. In the case of your home pipes being the problem, this usually takes place over time. You’ll begin to notice the low water pressure over time. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’ve been completing whole house repiping for close to a decade.

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