It’s Time For A New Bathtub

It’s time for a new bathtub! How times have changed, years ago taking a hot bath was the way to go. Nothing soothed the body more than a hot bath. Not so anymore maybe it’s because of our busy lifestyles. Some people seem to think their unsanitary while others can’t wait to find the time to relax in a hot bath. There are plenty of bathtubs to choose from; you can purchase a walk in tub, jacuzzi,  whirlpool, air bubbles, or the no-frills soaking fiberglass tub. There are bathtubs designed for the corner of a bathroom to save space while others are designed to drop down into a prebuilt deck. Then there are those porcelain bathtubs that are meant to stand independently. Consider all your choices before diving in, no pun intended.

Budget And Plan For Your New Bathtubnew bathtub

The first thing you’ll want to do is have a budget. Bathtubs start at about $200 and run into the thousands. Space is critical; you’ll want to capture the length, width, height, soaking depth, basin length and the basin width. If your remodeling you may have some flexibility and will be able to make adjustments. The most common alcove is 60″x 32″. Here’s where you can make a big mistake if not careful.  Your water heater holds 40 gallons, but your stand-alone bathtub holds 70 gallons. Your water heater storage tank needs to match the amount of water your tub will hold or else you’ll be taking a lukewarm bath.

Walk-In Bathtubs Have Become A New Favorite

The walk-in bathtubs are now a favorite item. Initially designed for the elderly they have become a favorite for so many. They come complete with air jets that provide an invigorating massage along with a heater that never lets your water go cold. They fit into the average bathroom without doing any buildouts. On average they hold about 55 to 60 gallons of water compared to the average shower which consumes 17.2 gallons of water.

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