Keep Your Plumbing Healthy Over the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and you’re excitedly anticipating visitors. The kid table is set, you’ve prepped the guest room for Grandma, and you’ve baked cookies for your favorite emergency plumbers…

Wait, that’s not right. While we would happily accept your homemade goodies, you’re probably not looking forward to a visit from us. And yet, that could be the case, if your plumbing gets overloaded with all those extra people in the house!

Following a few basic guidelines can keep everything flowing smoothly, and hopefully help you avoid the need for an emergency plumber visit.

Don’t overload the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal makes kitchen clean-up so much easier, but you can’t dump everything into it. Avoid putting fibrous foods down your drain, such as celery and asparagus. Potato peels can create a paste inside your disposal, and pasta or rice will expand when wet. Turkey bones are another bad idea; those need to go in the trash. And of course, avoid putting grease and oil down your disposal, because they can solidify in your pipes and cause a blockage.

A few polite suggestions in the bathroom can prevent a mess. Your guests might follow different rules in their own homes, and not realize that objects like feminine hygiene products can clog pipes. Consider hanging a homemade sign in your bathrooms, as a reminder not to flush anything other than waste and toilet paper.

Place a plunger in each bathroom, so that guests don’t face the embarrassment of having to ask you for one.

Shower smart. With a house full of guests, you risk running out of hot water. Temporarily boost your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees (the highest temperature that is safe for home use).

Do you frequently host large gatherings? Installing a tankless water heater might be a good option for you. Tankless models are more energy efficient over the long run and provide limitless hot water on demand. If you’re interested in installing a tankless water heater, now or in the future, give us a call and we can get you a quote.

Keep our number on your fridge. If despite your best efforts you still need emergency plumbers, we’re just a phone call away.



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