Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair And Detection

Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair And Detection service provided by Big B's Plumbing. Have you detected the signs of a slab leak? You're in the place Big B's Plumbing is your go-to plumbing company for all slab leak repairs. We use the latest slab leak technology. 




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Big B's Plumbing Is Your Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair Company

Lake Elsinore Leak Repair And Detection

Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair And Detection Services provided by Big B's Plumbing. When it comes to plumbing services, we have you covered with the latest in slab leak technology — no more jackhammering your floor. While most plumbing companies would go in and jackhammer your concrete, not so with Big B's Plumbing, you'll get the latest techniques, experience, and value. Lake Elsinore, leave your slab leak repair worries to the experts at Big B's Plumbing.

Dream Extreme In Lake Elsinore

At Big B's Plumbing, we've had the privilege of growing our company right alongside the great city of Lake Elsinore. Most people don't know this, but the population in Lake Elsinore has more than tripled since 1990 and new beautiful track homes are popping up all over the city. The city's motto is "Dream Extreme," and that's spot-on because the city has provided affordable housing, beautiful shopping areas, and let's not forget, Storm baseball. Every family now has an opportunity to make their dream come true in Lake Elsinore.

Lake Elsinore Slab Leak Repair

With the boom in housing, in addition to all the older homes in Lake Elsinore, Big B's Plumbing has seen a spike in slab leak repairs. Old homes in Lake Elsinore date back to the nineteen thirties and forties; some houses still have galvanized pipes. The homes built in the sixties and later were built with copper pipes, and while slab leaks are most prominent in older homes, we still see newer homes with slab leaks as well. In more modern homes, you could attribute it to poor installation but for older homes the cause is usually corrosion.

Pipes Don't Last Forever

Most people think pipes last forever, but nothing is further from the truth. Pitting corrosion is one of the leading causes of slab leaks. The corrosion eventually creates a pinhole leak in the slab. According to the EPA, pitting corrosion is a major cause of household plumbing failures. If you discover a slab leak, call your Lake Elsinore slab leak repair and detection specialists at Big B's Plumbing.

A Slab Leaks Early Detection Can Save You From Grief

A slab leak usually goes undiscovered for some time, so knowing the signs allows for early detection which keeps water damage to a minimum. The first rule to remember is to use your water bill as a wake-up call to check for leaks. If you see a significant increase in water usage, it's time to check for water leaks. If your faucet dripped once every second, you would waste 180 gallons of water in one month. It's estimated that a pinhole leak can waste approximately 970 gallons of water per day. If the leak's encased in the foundation, then your water bill will be the best avenue of discovery. See below how to discover if you have a water leak quickly.

1. Make sure that all the water is turned off in your home.
2. Your water meter's usually located close to the end of your property line in the front yard, turn it off.
3. Have a pen and paper handy because you'll want to write down the meter reading.
4. While everything is off and you have an accurate meter reading, wait for 30-45 minutes.
5. Then recheck the meter reading, if it has advanced then you have a water leak. Don't stop here!
6. Turn your landscape valve off. You can usually find your landscape valve close to your water meter. Write down the new meter reading and wait for another 30-45 minutes.
7. If the water meter stopped moving altogether with the landscape valve off then your leak is in your irrigation. If it continues to climb, then the water leak is coming from the house.



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Hemet Slab Leak An Detection Truck

Take Your Slab Leak Search To The Next Level

Once you've discovered, you have a water leak call your Lake Elsinore slab leak repair and detection company, Big B's Plumbing or if you're feeling empowered you might want to take your search to the next level. Since we're addressing water leaks in the house, we'll focus our attention on the home. Start with the basics look and feel under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, pay close attention for any signs of mold. Mold means you have moisture even the slightest leak needs repair. Listen for running toilets; a toilet leak can waste 200 gallons of water a day on average. Dripping showerheads and faucets all need replacing or repair.

How To Know If You Need A Slab Leak Repair

If you haven't already felt the moisture coming up from your foundation, you'll need to start checking your tiles, linoleum, hardwood floors and laminates. When exposed to water from the foundation tiles and grout lines will discolor making them stand out from the rest of the floor. In the case of hardwood and laminates, they tend to buckle as well as discolor. When linoleum exposed the adhesive will separate from the backing causing it to bubble. Lastly, if the concrete slab in your garage is displaying dark areas, it's a sure sign of moisture, and you should call your Lake Elsinore slab leak repair and detection experts at Big B's Plumbing.


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