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Menifee slab leak repair and detection trucksIf you suspect a slab leak trust the experts at Big B's Plumbing to your Menifee slab leak repair and detection services. Menifee customers have always been a favorite of Big B's Plumbing; the people are gracious and kind. Not that long ago Menifee was a small town boarding Murrieta not so any longer. With staggering growth over the last 30 years, Menifee elected to incorporate and on October 1, 2008, it was official. Included was Sun City, Paloma Valley, Romoland, and Quail Valley. Once a retirement community called Sun City it's now a bustling city with new shopping centers, schools, sports parks, and hospitals. For years Big B's plumbing has served the community with commercial, emergency, and residential plumbing services.

Meniffe Slab Leak Repair Is Fast And Reliable

What has recently come to light is Slab Leak Repairs. The older homes that were once part of the retirement community of Sun City and many other homes in the surrounding areas have recently had a slab leak. Slab leaks are prominent in older homes but can occur in newer homes as well. In the case of an older home, the usual cause of a leak in the slab is corrosion. While there are many types of corrosion, pitting corrosion is an attack on the walls of our copper water pipes. In the end, a pinhole leak starts and before you know it you have a leak in your slab. Since the copper pipe is well encased in concrete some times, it could be a week or even months before being discovered. Once discovered call Big B's Plumbing for your Menifee Slab Leak Repair And Detection.

Watch Your Water Bill Closely

Slab leaks are also known as foundation leaks, and early detection is critical for minimal damage. Since some slab leaks take time to discover it imperative that we watch our water bills closely and take any spike in your water bill as more than "extra usage." Especially homeowners with older homes, take any higher than average water bill as an opportunity to complete water leak inspection on your home––– the process is simple.

1. Turn off all the water in your home
2. Turn off your water meter closest to the street
3. Write down the water reading
4. Wait for 30 minutes, with all water turned off to your home
5. Re-check the water meter if the reading has gone up you have a water leak, but wait, you're not done yet
6. Turn the water off to your landscaping and write down the new water meter reading
7. Wait 30 more minutes and re-check your water meter reading if your meter has increased while your landscape valve is turned off then the leak is in your home. If your meter never moved the leak is in your landscape.

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Once You Located The Leak Call Menifee Slab Leak Repair CompanyMenifee Slab Leak Repair

Once you determine where your leaks located home or landscaping, then you can focus on that area. In the case of your home, start with the obvious such as running toilets, a dripping faucet, dripping shower heads and possibly a water heater that's leaking. Then move towards the possibility of a slab leak; the first place to start is your garage check for large dark spots on your garage floor; this could be signs of moisture. Walk barefooted across all areas of your carpet checking for any moisture. If you feel the moisture on your carpet chance are you have a slab leak. Call your Menifee slab leak repair and detection company at Big B's Plumbing for a full inspection.

Take Your Water Leak Search A Step Further

You can take your slab leak search a step further by pulling back your carpet and inspecting the back side if mold is present then so is water. Take a close view if all tiles, laminates, hardwood floors and linoleum. Tiles will have dark, discolored tiles and grout some tiles may have come loose. Laminates and hardwood floors will discolor and buckle, while linoleum will lose it's adhesive and separate from the floor.

We're Your Menifee slab leak repair and detection company

At Big B's Plumbing, we're ready on short notice. We're your Menifee slab leak repair and detection company. Our state-of-the-art equipment, customer care, experience, and value sets us apart from the rest. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. License #986152