Our Plumber For Life

My Plumber For Life

Make Big B’s Plumbing your plumber for life. Not long ago we had long-lasting relationships with our dentist, doctor, auto mechanic and even tradespeople. I remember our dentist was Dr. Fleming, and our plumber was John Sutherland. If anything went wrong with the plumbing, my mom would tell us to call John. She didn’t say, “Call a plumber.” We knew who the plumber was and John was right there to fix it. We never jumped from one service provider to another. We stuck to one company for each trade. Never did we ever think about switching to save a couple of bucks. When someone earned your trust, provided excellent service and gave you great value, the company or person became your service provider for life.  Those loyalties don’t seem to exist much anymore.

It’s Easier To Keep A Customer Than To Find A New One

At Big B’s Plumbing, we want to try and bring those old fashion values back. It’s much easier to keep a customer than try and find a new one. We keep our customer by providing on-time service, quality parts, service and the value they’re looking for. It’s not every day someone needs a plumber, so it’s our goal to leave a lasting impression. We believe that every service call we make is an opportunity. An opportunity to be referred to a friend, family member, or neighbor. It’s also an opportunity to become, “Your plumber for life.”

Something Great About A Handshake

Sometimes we lose ourselves in a maze of technology, but we still believe there’s something great about a handshake or a customer that says, “Thanks, I really appreciate that.” Yes, reviews are great, and we have our fair share of five-star reviews, but there is something remarkable about the spoken word. We were in a home the other day, and there was a customer that had already been through one plumber, and they couldn’t get to the clog. We were referred to the customer by their insurance company.  By the time our plumber got to their home, the customer was so discouraged. We not only took care of the drain, we also created a backplate for the overflow pipe. The customer expressed so much gratitude; it makes you proud to be a plumber. I guarantee you – we will be their plumber for life!

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