My Water Bill Went Through The Roof

Have you ever got your water bill and just wanted scream. The first thing we think is our kids and their showers or an increase from the water company. The last thing we think of is a water leak. Will spend a month or so keeping a keen eye on water usage until that second bill arrives then we go through the roof. Most of us run of finances on a tight ship, so you’re determined to get to the bottom of these high water bills.

Find The Leak And Get Your Water Bill Under ControlFinding A Water Leak Can Lower Your Water Bill

Where do we start to search? If in fact, it is a water leak you have two places to start with, your home and your irrigation. Below is a full list of instructions to determine how to locate your leak.

  1. Turn off all the water inside your home.  
  2. Go to the water meter, located in the front of your house close to the street.
  3. Write down the reading on your water meter.
  4. Wait for one hour without using any water.
  5. Recheck the water meter if it’s moved up then you have a water leak.
  6. Don’t stop there, now take the new reading from your water meter and turn off to your irrigation valve, usually located in the front yard, or garage.
  7. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour then recheck your meter.

If your meter stops while your irrigation valve is turned off, then the leak is in your irrigation if it continues to go up then the leak is in your home.

The Search For The Leak Begins

If the leak is in your home, then the search begins. Start by checking for faucet leaks, running toilets, damp spots on your carpet and discolored tiles. Wet spots on your carpet and discolored tiles and dark spots on the concrete are all signs of a slab leak. On the outside of your home, you can check for puddling water. If you have an irrigation leak, you can investigate the zone valve. Whatever the case, consult your plumbing professionals at Big B’s Plumbing #986152. They have leak detection specialists ready to locate and repair any leak in your home while providing the value and service you desire.   

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