Navien Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater, Just Installed!

Our Plumbing technicians just installed a Navien Tankless Water Heater. As you can see by the photo, the old storage tank water heater was removed and replaced with the thankless. The job went as planned to perfection. The technician installed new copper pipes and disposed of the old water heater.

Your Navien Tankless Water Heater Has Eco-Friendly Technology

Navien is a leader in tankless water heaters, providing an endless supply of hot water. The product is energy efficient and carries the EnergyStar Label. With its eco-friendly technology, a Navien tankless water heater can reduce energy cost by as much as 20%. The Navien app called the NaviSizer can help you determine what tankless water heater is right for your home. The app can calculate your flow rate by the size of your family and other deciding factors. Additionally, it will provide you with how much you will save throughout the year.

Commercial Customers Prefer Navien

Navien is not just for residential customers but also for commercial customers that prefer to go green. Navien tankless water heaters are the perfect solution for any business. Aside from providing energy-efficient solutions, Navien provides field support for you and your plumbing professional. Architects, building owners, contractors have all come to appreciate the value in a Navien tankless water heater because of their reliability and durability. Known for its space-saving design and flexibility Navien has become a favorite for plumbing experts as well. Not to mention it has one of the industries strongest warranties which gives everyone peace of mind.

EnergyStar Is Good For The Environment

The EnergyStar Label has been awarded to the Navien line of water heaters. The EnergyStar label indicates that the appliance is more energy efficient than the minimum guidelines. Having the EnergyStar label guarantees your water heater will be more water efficient and perform better.

At Big B’s Plumbing a Navien water heater specialist that can not only install your water heater but answer any questions, you may have, call today and get the service you deserve.

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