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Is your water heater causing you problems? Whether it needs to be repaired or replaced Big B's Plumbing is the #1 Perris water heater repair company.  




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Perris Water Heater Repair & InstallationAt Big B's Plumbing, we provide Perris water heater repair and installation services. Most of us are creatures of habit; we get up each morning, take a hot shower, and head out to work. But for some of us, we've had to deal with the misfortune of walking into a cold shower. We scurry out to the garage, and the first thing we do is check the pilot light beyond that the average homeowner is clueless when it comes to a broken water heater. Most homeowners never give the heater a second thought; it usually sits in the garage, never getting any attention until something goes wrong. Then we jump into action and start calling for an estimate to replace our heater. Bathing, washing clothes, dishes, and shaving all begins with our hot water heater. Big B's is your trusted Perris water heater repair and installation service. 

Most Water Heaters Only Need Repairing

When our water heater goes down, we start to think of another unplanned expense. The fact of the matter is most water heaters only need repairing and not replacing. When our highly trained plumbing technician arrives, they focus on repairing your heater, not replacing it. In most cases, the technician will provide options for the customer and show the customers the benefits of repairing versus a new purchase. Your storage-tank water heater has a ten to fifteen-year life expectancy; its age should be part of your decision to replace or repair. Another thing to factor in is that new technologies have significantly reduced energy costs as much as 30% on models that are at least ten years old. Energy Star Labeled heaters can save as much as 8% compared to standard models.


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Perris Water Heater Repair Or New Installation? 

Perris water heater repair & Installation serviceIf you plan ahead, you won't be left in the cold. Why wait until your water heater breaks down entirely if you know the signs that it's coming to the end of its life cycle and make a purchase before it breaks down. If your water heater was never adequately maintained, then the chances are the life expectancy could be somewhat reduced.

Some Signs That Your Water Heater May Need Replacing

  • Always factor in the age when deciding to replace your heater
  • Water is leaking from the storage tank
  • No longer supplies adequate hot water
  • Taking a long time to heat water
  • You can hear noises coming from the tank
  • Rusty colored water
  • Rust or corrosion on the tank

Most homeowners aren't aware that a well-maintained water heater can extend its life. Once a year, the storage tank needs to be flushed of all the sediment brought on by hard water. Doing this will not only cause your heater to perform better it will also extend its life as mentioned above. You can also add years to it by replacing the anode rod every five years. 

A+ Rated With Hundreds Of Stellar Reviews

Don't wait another day if your water heater is showing signs of age and acting up. At Big B's Plumbing, all our plumbers are highly skilled and have been background checked by a third party company called The Seal. We're licensed, bonded, and insured and accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Not to mention, we have hundreds of stellar reviews on Facebook, Yelp!, and Google Business. Big B's Plumbing your Perris water heater repair and installation company.

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