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PEX (Polyethylene) For Home Repiping And New Construction

For most homeowners, we don’t know anything but copper for repiping our home because we never had to replace our copper pipes. For homeowners that are now experiencing signs that your pipes need replacing, PEX, an acronym for crosslinked polyethylene, is the first choice for most plumbing companies. PEX is used in residential repiping, new construction, fire sprinklers, floor heating, and cooling systems. The fact is PEX is now used more in new construction, and home re-pipes than copper or CPVC(chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) combined. The product is extremely durable and comes with a 25-year limited warranty on AquaPEX® tubing and ProPEX® fittings.

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PEX Is Resistant To Corrosion, Pitting, And Scaling

Introduced to the North American market nearly forty years ago, it has continued to gain ground over copper. The three attributes that make the product stand out are flexibility, durability, and the fact that it costs much less. It’s become your plumbing contractor’s choice tubing because its ease of installation, performance, and reliability. Compared to copper Pex, it is resistant to corrosion, pitting, and scaling. For those customers that live in freezing conditions, PEX can expand up to three times its size, making it the most freeze resistant tubing/pipe on the market. You can also put to rest the concerns about the dangerous metals in your water because PEX is not made from metal.

In Comparison To Copper And CPVC                          PEX CPVC Copper

Resists corrosion, pitting and scaling                           Yes Yes No

Flexibility helps resist freeze damage                          Yes No No

Retains heat in hot-water lines; resists

condensation on cold-water lines                                   Yes Yes No

Dampens rushing water noise; eliminates

water hammer and singing pipes                                    Yes No No

Cannot be dry-fit; eliminates the potential for

future leaks and blow-offs                                                 Yes No No

NSF International certification for water purity           Yes Yes No

Flexible, eliminating added fittings and liability           Yes No No

We Have PEX Specialists Ready To Provide You The Service You Need

Whether you’re repiping your home, adding a bathroom or kitchen, the word is out – PEX should be every homeowner’s first choice. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have PEX specialists ready to provide the expertise, value, and service that every homeowner desires. Our accredited A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Top-Notch reviews attests to the type of company we are.

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