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Plumbing Contractor Vs Handyman

Do you hire a plumbing contractor or a handyman? Let’s start by saying a handyman or woman provide essential services that can be useful to homeowners and businesses alike. But like any trade or service, there are laws in place to protect consumers.

SWIFT Is Catching Violators

Big B's Plumbing Hydro Jetting a Drain

Big B’s Plumbing Hydro Jetting a Drain

A handyman must stay under the legal construction limit of $500. Additionally, they must mention in all advertising that they are not a licensed contractor. If you advertise minor plumbing, electrical, drywall and more without notifying the public that you are not licensed, you’re running the risk of law enforcement. In February of 2016 law enforcement ran a sting operation of unlicensed contractors. Among those who bid on jobs, 17 people were given citations. Twelve of the seventeen received citations for false advertising. Don’t think that California is turning a blind eye to violators. SWIFT (Statewide Investigative Fraud Team) is in place to catch unlicensed contractors.

There are some exceptions to the $500 limit. The exception being that “Sale or installation of finished products that do not become a fixed part of the structure.” For example; hanging pictures, installing shelves, and building furniture are fine, as long as it’s not a fixed part of the structure.

A Plumbing Contractor Must Pay The Price

It takes a contractor three years of apprenticeship or education in addition to one or two years of plumber training before you achieve the title of journeyman. Furthermore, they have to pass a contractors exam to become a licensed contractor. If a plumbing contractor is a business owner, they’re required to be bonded, insured in addition to workman compensation insurance for all employees.

A Handyman or Woman Fills A Need

With that said California is an excellent state to be a handyman. You can FIX, drywall, doors, toilets, repair appliances, install ceiling fans, or hang TV’s along with hundreds of other minor repairs. It’s not surprising that a handyman meets a need for home and business owners. In California, but make no mistake about it they DO NOT have the same rights as a plumbing contractor and rightfully so.

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