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Plumbing Emergency? Think Again

I’m driving home from a hard day’s work looking forward to a hot shower, rest, and relaxation. I jump in the shower and to my surprise, no hot water. I want to scream. We don’t want anything to mess with our daily routine, and that includes a broken water heater. The big question is, do I have a plumber come after hours for a faulty water heater? A service call during normal business hours is not considered a plumbing emergency, regardless of the job. A typical plumbing emergency is a job received after regular business hours and usually cost the customer more for attending to their need during that time. Most plumbing emergencies can wait until the next business day, but there are those willing to pay the extra to get the job done now.

Not A Plumbing EmergencyWhy Do Plumbing Companies Charge More For A Plumbing Emergency?

Another question is why do plumbing companies charge more for what they call a plumbing emergency? There are two main reasons: the first reason is abuse. If there were no added fee then everyone one would ask to have a plumber, regardless of the day or time of night. For example, if you have a clogged sink or toilet, it can wait until the next day. If there is no added fee, then you would want a plumber on demand. Plumbing companies wouldn’t know how to staff their plumbers accordingly. The second reason is in all fairness to the plumbers on call, they get paid more for after hour service calls. They’re on call from 6:00 pm until 8:00 am and receive calls all hours of the night and morning.

Know Where Your Shut Off-Valves Are

In most cases, people panic because something is leaking or broken, but you can save yourself some money if you know where your shut-off valves are. Depending on your plumbing problem, turning off the toilet or water heater shut-off valve could put your issue on hold until the following day. Depending on your level of patience, there is even a shut-off valve that will shut off the water for the entire home. Most plumbing companies have an answering service that can schedule an appointment after hours for the following day.

There Are Some Genuine Plumbing Emergencies

The fact is some genuine plumbing emergencies need prompt attention. For instance, any area of your home that’s flooded requires emergency services. Additionally, any time there is a natural gas leak, you’ll need to call 911, your local gas service company and possibly your plumbing company. Again, a plumbing emergency, for the most part, will depend on your level of comfort. If you want to pay the $150 service call, in addition to the cost of repairs, you can have your repair completed after business hours–––that’s completely understandable.  

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