Plumbing knowledge is power

Plumbing Knowledge Is Power

Plumbing knowledge is power to the consumer. Not long ago our air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. We called the company that was referred to us by a friend. He came out, hooked up a bunch of gadgets to our air conditioner and said, “You need a new air conditioner.” We were just about to pull the trigger on a new $7,000 air conditioner when we heard that voice inside say, “Get a second opinion.” I listened to the voice and got a second opinion. The air conditioner was fixed for $185 by the company from the second opinion, and to this day it works perfectly. The first company could have put in a new air conditioner, and we would have never known that the problem was nothing more than a small part.

Facts First, Feelings Second, Get a Second OpinionPlumbing Questions

Plumbing knowledge is power, and that knowledge will save you money in the short and long run. When something goes wrong with your plumbing, and you need a plumber, ask questions. For instance, if your water heater no longer provides hot water and your plumber wants to replace it, ask questions. Additionally, ask them to show you what the problem is specifically. The fact is most water heaters that are less than eight years old, only need repairing. On the other hand, don’t try and repair an old water heater that’s more than ten years old. Gather facts first, then if you’re not feeling right, get a second opinion.

You Don’t Want A Broke Sewer Line In The Wrong Hands

We all want to maximize our fixtures and appliances before we need to purchase another one. But another major plumbing problem that’s neither an appliance nor a fixture, is a broken sewer line. If your sewer line is having issues, here are some great tips to remember. Find a plumbing company that has a background in repairing sewer lines. Technology is critical when it comes to fixing broken sewer lines. There are so many advancements in sewer line repair, for example, trenchless epoxy sewer lines. You certainly don’t want your broken sewer line in the wrong hands. Do your research in advance. Your basic plumbing knowledge is power and will keep money from leaving your pocket.

Something To Remember About Plumbing Knowledge

Our purpose for gaining knowledge isn’t to grind your plumber for the best price. In fact, cost should not be your deciding factor. Not every misdiagnosis of a plumbing problem is intentional. Truth be told, most plumbing companies are honest and want to provide the best service at the best value. Take the extra steps to hold your plumbing company accountable, ask questions, check reviews, check all your options, and get a second opinion because plumbing knowledge is power. License #986152

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