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Plumbing Trends In 2019 And Beyond

When most of us think of plumbing, we rarely think about the advancements in technology, or online engagements. That’s because it’s so much a part of our lives now. For example, if you need a plumber, the consumer gets online and completes a search for a “plumber near me.” What that means is your plumbing company is optimizing(marketing strategy) their website to assure that their company comes up in the Google search results. In 2019 and beyond, we can expect companies to grow as new innovative marketing ideas surface for plumbing. The past year we saw significant changes in the Google search when Google came out with “Google locals” creating better search results and giving companies money back guarantee if not satisfied with the service.

Social Media – A Big Hit For Some Plumbing Companies in 2019

Social media is a big hit for plumbing companies to attract new customers. They’re putting their marketing efforts into Facebook and other social platforms and it’s acquiring many new clients. It’s proven to be a positive avenue for consumers because plumbers want your excellent review. But for some plumbing contractors, topnotch service is what they do whether they get a review or not. At the very least, if a consumer finds a plumbing company on a social platform, they know they need to provide the best service.  

Educating Consumers On Value vs The Cheapest

Educating the consumer is one of many plumbing trends in 2019. You can expect plumbing companies to educate consumers on cost. With the internet, it doesn’t take much for a potential customer to shop at the lowest price online. Plumbing companies are educating consumers on the value they bring and on the dangers of trying to find the cheapest plumber. The lowest price doesn’t always equate to good quality work, and many consumers understand that. They want a good value and fast, reliable service versus a cheap plumber.

2019 Is The Year Of Reviews

2019 is the year of reviews. Reviews are now making or breaking a company. A plumbing company will not last if they have a history of bad reviews. They understand that most consumers will write a bad review before they write a good one. With that said, we are still human and we do make mistakes, we also hire people that make mistakes, and it’s how those mistakes get handled that makes an excellent plumbing company. Reviews are among many plumbing trends in 2019.

Water Awareness Is Still A Hot Topic

Water awareness is still on the forefront even though we’ve had a great year for snow and rainfall. In 2019 California is proclaimed drought free. But most of us have learned from our past that our water cost will not be going down soon. We must be diligent with our water conservation efforts, and plumbing companies have to carry the torch for that in this year and beyond. They are on the front line when it comes to water saving products.  

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