Replacing Your Sewer Cleanout

Old Cleanout

Old Cleanout Continued To Get Clogged

Replacing your sewer cleanout is nothing new in older homes. How do you know your sewer cleanout needs replacing? There are certain indicators that your sewer cleanout needs replacing. The first thing to remember is that your sewer cleanout is what gives your plumber access to the rest of your sewer pipe. It’s a more straightforward process to replace the cleanout versus replacing a whole sewer line. With most sewer lines that clog, the culprit is usually the sewer line itself and is not isolated to the cleanout. But in some cases, the problem can be directly related to the cleanout. For example, 20 to 40 years ago a cast iron two-way tee cleanout was commonly installed, and they are known to cause recurring clogging. Replacing your outside sewer cleanout is one of several options.

Your Sewer Line Releases The Scent of Sewage

One of the indicators is the scent of sewage and multiple drains are backing up in your home. If your bathtub or sink is the only drain that’s backing up, then the chances are your clog is isolated to that area. When you see all your drains moving slowly or backing up, the problem is likely the main sewer line or cleanout. Remember, all your drains flow out through your main sewer line. If your main sewer line becomes clogged, then it will eventually back up all the drains in your home. Before you know it, you’ll begin to smell sewage. Your freestanding water will still be clear, but the smell will be pronounced. Air pockets that form in your sewer line release the scent of sewage.

Replacing Your Sewer Cleanout May Be An Option

Old Sewer Cleanout

Old Sewer Cleanout

There are three methods your Big’ B’s Plumbing experts use to tackle a sewer main line problem. In past years, a traditional plumber snake was used to clean a sewer drain; for the main sewer line, hydro jetting is fast and will clear everything in its path including tree roots. If the problem reoccurs, they will use a fiber optic video camera to see first hand why the blockage continues to return. Even though hydro jetting can clear everything in its path, it cannot prevent roots from growing back.

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