Foundation Leak Detection

When your foundation has a leak you put your home in the hand of trusted foundation leak detection specialists, from Big B's Plumbing.



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You Need A Foundation Leak Detection Expert

Foundation Leak Detection Service

At Big B's Plumbing, we have a team of foundation leak detection specialists. Your home is your castle, and you'll do everything possible to protect it. It's not just our house it's a home, a place of safety and security for our families. If something significant happens, it can throw everything into mayhem. A foundation leak is one of those setbacks that can put our home into cachous if we allow it. You'll want a team of professionals that work quickly to and precisely. You need a foundation leak detection expert to locate the leak promptly. That same team will put together a plan of attack to get lead resolved.

State-Of-The-Art Foundation Leak Detection Technology

Often it's difficult to locate a leak. In most cases, you'll notice a wet spot on your carpet. If you have a tile floor, you can see discolored grout lines. In the case of tile like travertine, the tile itself will change color due to the moisture coming through the floor. The concrete garage floor could be dark in some areas. You may even hear water running / hissing sound.

Getting the problem diagnosed promptly is critical to avoid further damage to your home.  At Big B's Plumbing, we have state-of-the-art foundation leak detection technology; there's no second guessing when it comes to your home.

A foundation leak can be the result of a shifting soil causing a pipe to break. Also, extreme pressure on a small pebble pressing against a copper pipe over many years can cause a pinhole leak. The smallest hole can cause severe damage.  

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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover The Damage

The big question is "will our homeowner's insurance cover the damage?" According to some policies yes, as long as the damage is normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear do not include tree roots that's considered negligence. Some carriers will cover the collateral damage caused by the leak, but you would be responsible for the plumbing repair. Every insurance carrier is different regarding foundation leaks. It's important to ask your carrier if foundation leaks covered under your policy.  At Big B's Plumbing, we provide financing for those unexpected plumbing setbacks. We never plan for a plumbing emergencies so when the unexpected hits, were caught off guard. For your convenience, our financing is twelve months same as cash.

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