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Water Heater Installation

Bradford White Water Heaters Sold By Big B's Plumbing

Are you ready for a new water heater installation? Big B's Plumbing has a team of Plumbing experts dedicated to installing your water heater. They have a complete understanding of the required city and state codes that are needed to have your water heater installed correctly. Whether you've purchased a water heater or you want to buy one from our inventory, we have what you covered. In most cases, a broken water heater is an unexpected expense; no worries, Big B's Plumbing has no interest financing for 12 months with on the spot approval. With that in mind, you may want to upgrade to one of our tankless water heaters also known as an on-demand heater.

Certified Water Heater Installation Technicians

When our plumbing technician arrives, they will first inspect your old water heater. In some cases, your current heater may only need to be repaired. They'll check to see if your existing heater is still under warranty. Whatever the case our goal is to keep you from spending more than you need to. With that said any water heater over eight years old might not be worth the investment of a repair, but that's always up to the customer. Big B's Plumbing will also haul away your old water heater and have it recycled.

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New Water Heater Installation

New Water Heater Installation from Big B's Plumbing

How To Choose A Water Heater

When choosing a new heater, there are a few considerations. First, make sure that your water heater has the EnergyStar® label. The EnergyStar label will ensure that your product has been tested for energy efficiency as well as protects the environment. Second is tank size; you don't want to have a storage tank that will not fit the size of the family. Although cost is a significant factor, remember your water heater is an appliance that you'll be living with for eight to twelve years or longer. Your Big B's Plumbing professional will help you calculate what tank size that best suits your families need. When considering your water heater installation make Big B's plumbing your first choice.

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