Water Heaters

Routine Water Heater Maintenance

Do you want your water heater to last longer and perform to full strength? Performing regular maintenance on your water heater will extend its life and will keep small problems from turning into big ones. Routine maintenance means checking pipe connections in addition to checking valves for leaks. On all natural gas water heaters make sure the vent pipe is installed correctly and make sure there are no obstructions.

An Undetected Leak Can Be Seriouswater heater maintenance

A water heater that does not receive routine maintenance will cost more to operate and can cause damage to your home. An undetected leak coming from your water heater can cause mold and decay to your home. To avoid these problems make an effort to check underneath your water heater along with connections once a month. Every year check the pressure relief valve by pulling up on it making sure hot water comes out of the overflow pipe. If everything is working correctly, water will come out.

Drain The Sediment From Your Water Heater

Last but not least, once every two months drain a bucket of water from your water heater to remove the sediment. Every water heater has a faucet at the bottom of the storage tank. Put a bucket under the tap and remove any residue that has built up in your tank.  Sediment could cause corrosion to the tank and reduce the heating efficiency.

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