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Big B's Plumbing provides Escondido slab leak repair and detection. Most of us know Escondido is Spanish for “hidden”; some sources said, “hidden” refers to a secret water source while others say it's a hidden treasure. Whatever the case, Escondido's not hidden any longer. It has become one of those iconic cities with a Spanish culture flowing through it. In the '90s Escondido had a 68% growth, by 2000 it grew another 22.9%. New homes along with old nostalgic neighborhoods have created a demand for plumbing services in Escondido.  Many of the homes in Escondido are prone to slab leaks.

How Could A Pipe Leak While Encased In Concrete?

Sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows what a slab leak is, it’s a term that refers to a leak in the concrete foundation of your home.  Slab leaks appear over time in copper or galvanized steel water lines. You might think, “How could a pipe leak while encased in concrete?” This scenario mostly occurs in older homes and the first culprit is poor installation. If water pipes were kinked or dented during installation, the affected area could cause the pipe to leak, especially if the foundation has shifted.

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By nature, copper is a soft material; if the smallest stone in the concrete settles against the pipe for 20, 30, or even years 40, it is capable of creating a pinhole slab leak that can cause severe damage. Additionally, corroded pipes caused by years of hard water can cause a slab leak, most notably in galvanized steel pipes.  Any of the above issues combined with shifting in the soil is a recipe for disaster. It's no mystery that California is infamous with turning soil caused by earthquakes. Poor drainage caused by negative slopes and standing water can also make a foundation to move. The slab leak detection and repair team at Big B's Plumbing can have your home back on track giving you the peace of mind you need.


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What Causes A Slab Leak Check Out The Signs

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Now that you know what causes a slab leak check out the signs to tell if your home is experiencing one. Are you experiencing the symptoms of a slab leak such as a spike in your water bill? Maybe your carpet is damp, or your hardwood floors have warped? In some cases you can smell mildew coming from your carpet and mold is visible on the baseboards. Have you noticed that your water pressure has dropped? Some homeowners will experience their water heater continually running, and areas on their floor are warm. These are all sure signs that you have a slab leak. Allow your slab leak repair and detection specialist to locate and repair the leak quickly.

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When you have a slab leak, you'll want a team of professionals that have the latest slab leak detection equipment and technology — furthermore, you’ll want a proven organization of professionals. We bring good value and incredible service, and we're an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Our reviews are topnotch across the board, Facebook, Google+ and Yelp!. Call us today and get the service you deserve.