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San Diego Water Pressure ServicesSan Diego Water Pressure Services. Most of us have experienced low water pressure. Usually, low water pressure creeps up on us over many years before we start to notice a problem. Sometimes we can mistake low water pressure for a clogged shower head or a slow moving sink. In the case of slow-moving water from a showerhead, remove the showerhead and put it in a bag with equal parts of distilled vinegar and hot water. Let the shower head soak for a couple of hours and then rinse. This process will remove the calcium buildup on the showerhead and restore proper pressure.

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If the actual water pressure problem exists throughout the home, it could be caused by a leak in a pipe, defective pressure reducing valve, partially closed shut off valve or an assortment of other issues. If your water pressure became abruptly low, then the cause may be a project the city is working on in your neighborhood. Check with neighbors to see if they're having the same problem. Water pressure should not exceed 80 pounds per square inch (PSI) and should not fall below (40 PSI). Your Big B's Plumbing technician will locate precisely and fix the problem.

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High Water Pressure Is A Problem Not A Luxury

While low water pressure is a problem, high water pressure can cause severe damage to your pipes. If it seems like your home has high or irregular water pressure then it’s time to get it checked. As a homeowner, you can do this yourself or call your Big B's Plumber for assistance. You can purchase a water pressure test gauge at your hardware store for less than ten dollars. While high water pressure may seem like a luxury, think again, it can cause excessive strain on pipes and fixtures resulting in damage.

A faulty pressure regulator can create high water pressure. Additionally, your local water company may have the pressure set high to meet the need of hydrants and building in your area. Trust the "San Diego Water Pressure Services" experts at Big B's Plumbing to have your water pressure working correctly.

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