Trenchless Sewer Line

Sewer Line Problems?

I was clearing around a tree this morning in my front yard, and my neighbor came out. He began to tell me about his tree that was planted 20 years ago close to the street. Most planned communities have trees planted by the builders that cannot be removed without permission from the homeowners association (HOA) approval. In my neighbor’s case, the roots of the tree had penetrated the sewer line. The compromised portion of the sewer line was the responsibility of the city. He said the city was excellent in dealing with the problem, but the homeowners association was a nightmare. They just wouldn’t approve the removal of the tree. Through a lengthy hassle with the HOA they decided it was best to remove the tree. He went on to say the drains were backed up and they experienced some minor flooding not to mention a significant inconvenience.

Sewer Line Problem Are Not Uncommon In Older Homes

These type of sewer line problems are not uncommon in older homes 20 years or older. Unlike other plumbing issues that abruptly take place sewer lines usually start slow. You’ll begin to see your drains slowly draining throughout the home. If your drains move slowly in one place, then the problem is isolated to that one drain. In some cases, Hydro jetting your pipes can solve the problem for some time. Equipped with a high-pressure hose and a nozzle this sophisticated machine can produce 4000 PSI with water flow estimated at 2 – 25 gallons of water per minute while clearing everything in its path. Your plumbing expert will first inspect the pipe with a small camera to possibly check for any pipe damage.

This process will virtually clear everything in its path including mineral buildup, grease and tree roots. While this procedure is along the same lines as drain cleaning, it’s not recommended for the do-it-yourselfer and should only be completed by a plumbing professional.

Trenchless Sewer lines Can Last 50 Yearscured-in-place-pipe

Something to keep in mind is that if tree roots have compromised your pipes no matter what you do the problem will reoccur over time. If tree roots are the culprit, a trenchless sewer line is what you need. Its a slightly invasive way of installing a sewer line without compromising your landscape. Inserterted down your sewer pipe is a flexible pipeliner coated with resin then inflated. This procedure is also called “cured-in-place-pipe.” Once the pipe and the resin harden it creates a pipe within a pipe, you can expect your cured-in-place-pipe to last 50 years.

At Big B’s Plumbing, we have trenchless sewer line repair specialist that will get your drains flowing again. We’ve been serving Murrieta, Temecula and the Inland Empire for close to a decade. Our trucks are stocked with the latest in supplies and equipment. Call today for a free estimate.

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