Six Easy Ways To Hire The Right Plumbing Company

Nothing is hidden from the public any longer. If you’re a business providing poor service, your sin will find you out. And if you’re a consumer wanting to find the right plumbing company for your job, you can. If you’re willing to take the few extra minutes to get online and do your research, you can find exactly what you’re looking for every time.

A Plumbing Company Should Have Plenty Of Reviews

plumbing company reviews

#1 Reviews

Check the plumbing company reviews. Look across all networks: Facebook, Yelp, and Google Plus. Look to see how many reviews the company has. Remember, if a plumbing company has loads of reviews it tells you the company is willing to ask the customer for a  review. Most customers don’t write reviews unless they’re prodded. Read the reviews, even the ones that aren’t so favorable. Take notice if the company replies to those reviews. Responding to reviews shows that a company has a genuine concern for customer care.

#2 Contractor’s License

Look up their contractor’s license. You can receive the following information: license activity, bonding information, license classification, business information, and workers compensation. Every plumbing company should be licensed, bonded, insured and carry workman’s compensation insurance on all employees.

#3 Ask Around

Ask friends, family, and neighbors for a recommendation. By getting a recommendation, you may be asking someone that has already done the research and used a company. And they’re ready to pass on the recommendation with great pleasure.

#4 Website

Review their website. Every plumbing company should have a basic site, even startups. A quality website will provide the public with essential information on their company.

#5 Comfort

Did they answer their phone? Were you comfortable with the person on the other end? Will they able to respond in your timeline? When looking for the right plumbing company, you have choices so don’t make rash decisions.

#6  Estimate

Will your plumbing company give you a FREE estimate? Free means free. That does mean it’s free whether or not they do the service. At Big B’s plumbing, they’ll provide you with a FREE estimate even if they drive to your home.
Avoid the frustration of hiring the wrong plumbing company and take the few extra steps to find the right one for your job. Don’t let money be the deciding factor. If you believe you have located the right plumbing company and they’re pricing slightly more, ask if they’ll price match. It doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if your plumbing job is significant.

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