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The Facts About Hydro Jetting Drain Service

If you live in your home, then you will experience a clogged drain at some point in time. In most cases, it’s a backed up bathroom sink. These type of clogs happen all too often in our home. We have two teenagers and their drains are always getting clogged. At least once a month I’m in the bathroom clearing out that black slime. FYI, that black slime is a bacteria living on toothpaste, lotion, soap film and other junk that flows down the drain. What actually happens is the debris clings to the drain pipe and becomes a catch-all which eventually leads to a slow drain. If left uncleared, it will clog completely.

An Auger Is Still Part Of A Plumber Tool BoxHydro Jetting Equipment

Let’s be honest with ourselves, those are not the kind of clogged drains we’re going to call our local plumbing company for. For tough clogs, an auger, commonly known as a plumber’s snake is still a big part of a plumber’s arsenal of tools. Let me assure you, they have an auger for every type of clog. They carry a small toilet auger, gas-powered auger, and an electric auger; all which have the power to clear most drains. For the do-it-yourselfer homeowner, you can rent a plumber’s snake at your home improvement store. The auger was invented in 1933 by Samuel Blanc, and the patent was up in 1953.

Hydro Jetting Is A Long-Term Option

Like I said earlier, the auger can clear most drains, but for those few that can’t be removed by an auger, you’ll need to call for reinforcements.  Furthermore, those backed up drains that keep recurring, they too lack the strength for a more powerful clog remover. The clogs that keep recurring need to be cleared of all debris. It usually takes place in older homes and in some cases, it may be regrowth of roots in the pipes. Whatever the case Hydro Jetting is a long-term option for clearing our drains. Hydro Jetting is also known as Hydrojet, and Water Jetting.

Hydro Jetting Machine Will Clear Everything

This high powered drain clearing machine can virtually clear everything in its path, and that includes tree roots. Hydro Jetting is a sophisticated technique that uses highly pressurized water along with a patented nozzle that removes everything in its way. The nozzle is attached to a hose that can withstand thousands of pounds of water pressure per square inch (PSI). In addition to the flexibility of the hose, the water pressure can increase as needed. On tough drains, your Big B’s Plumbing expert will use 4000 PSI to start and move up as needed. Where a plumber’s snake might break through a tough drain leaving some debris in the pipe, a Hydro Jetting machine will not only clear the pipe, it will leave it clean. License #986152

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