The Truth About Plumbers

The Truth About Plumbers

We’ve all heard the jokes and stories about plumbers. Someone will have a bad experience with a plumber and pass that experience on to a friend or neighbor. Before you know it, the story went viral, and every plumber is suspect. While we can’t vouch for every plumber, we can say that the vast majority are hardworking, trustworthy, and smart individuals. Unfortunately, with all trades, you will have those few that ruin it for others. Something to keep in mind when dealing with plumbers or tradespeople, these are men and women that have chosen a trade versus college. People that are attending college may be a little more polished because they spend most of their time in a college environment. Tradespeople are in an environment that’s more construction driven. Let’s dive into some of the stereotypes given to plumbers.

Don’t  Criticize Your Plumber!President & CEO of Big B's Plumbing Cpmpany

Plumbers are criticized for being unprofessional and dirty. If you hire a plumbing company and the plumber they send to your home is not well groomed with a clean company shirt and pants, then you hired the wrong company. Your plumber must be knowledgeable and possess good manners as well. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have training every Monday morning to discuss better company care and that includes good hygiene as well.

Often plumbers are criticized for being messy and unorganized. While that may be true of a small minority, most plumbers are very organized. Their work trucks must be stocked and organized daily for efficiency. At Big B’s Plumbing, we train our plumbers to be clean and organized on and off the job. When they leave a job site, everything must be cleaner than the way they found it.

The Truth About Plumbers, And What It Takes To Become One

The biggest complaint is they charge too much. Most people don’t know what is required to become a plumbing contractor. Additionally, they don’t know what’s needed to sustain a plumbing business. For example, to become a plumbing contractor, you must serve under a contractor for four years, attend school, and pass demanding tests. It’s similar to getting a bachelor’s or a master degree. To own a plumbing company with plumbers you’re required to have insurance, a bond, and workers compensation. Furthermore, you’ll need thousands of dollars in equipment. If you feel you’re being charged too much for your plumbing job, then get a second estimate. At Big B’s Plumbing, all our estimates are FREE whether we get the job or not. License #986152 

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