Slab Leak

Three Major Plumbing Issues

Cleanout Replaced

Cleanout Replaced

Three major plumbing issues to keep a watchful eye. We cannot avoid plumbing problems.  If you’re a home or property owner plumbing problem are inevitable. The real question is whether it will be a major or minor problem. If kept in check a small plumbing issue will not turn into a big problem. Like everything else, age is the culprit. Older homes, apartments, and buildings are susceptible to a major repair.

Galvanized Pipes Were Commonly Used

Back in the 1960’s and earlier galvanized pipes were commonly used. They became the substitute for lead pipes. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been coated with zinc to protect against rust. Research on the pipes would have taken decades to understand the long-term effects. However what we’ve learned is that when exposed to water, especially hard water over many years they will eventually cause the pipes to rust on the inside. When remodeling an older home, the homeowners tend to focus on the aesthetics when plumbing and electrical should be the priority. Replacing the pipes with copper will save time and money in the long and short run.

Tree Roots Cause Major Plumbing Issues

Another major problem you want to avoid is tree roots. Again this is usually a problem in homes and buildings built in the early 2000’s or

Plumbing Issues - Tree Roots

Tree invaded clay ceramic sewer line with a cleanout.

older. Once tree roots have invaded your sewer line, there are only a couple long-term solutions. The first solution is to remove all trees from the area of your sewer line. Have your sewer line video inspected by your plumbing contractor to make sure there is no collateral damage. If the damage is significant, you may want to consider a trenchless sewer line. Trenchless sewer lines are known to last 50 years or longer and don’t require your surrounding landscape to be uprooted. Having your sewer line hydro jetted can clear roots that have invaded your drain, but they will return over time if you don’t take the necessary steps to remove the surrounding trees.

Slab Leaks Can Cause Severe Damage

A leak in your slab can cause severe damage.  The slightest shift in your foundation can cause a slab leak. Another reason that will create a slab leak is if a small pebble is pressing against your copper pipe, over many years it could generate a pinhole leak. The sooner you can catch the problem the better off you’ll be. If you notice discoloration in your grout or wood floors, this could be the signs of a leak. Often, the garage floor will have a dark spot on it unlike the rest of the concrete. Whatever the case, the sooner you can detect any plumbing problem the less damage will occur. Big B’s Plumbing is an A+ rated company ready to meet any plumbing need, in addition, we provide FREE estimates.

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