How much time do you spend on your toilet

Time For A New Toilet

Is it time to get a new toilet. It seems like are toilets never ware out. Yes, the flush valve or fill valve may go wrong but they’re easily replaced. For the most part, our toilets seem to last forever. Toilets are considered a fixture, but for some, they’re a piece of furniture.
For many of us sitting on our toilet is a time to relax. Some of us choose a newspaper or magazine to read.

A New Toilet Is Like A Piece of Furniture

A questionnaire completed and published in 2009 by Ron Shaoul Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Institute at Rambam Health Care Campus. The questionnaire was given to 499 me and women from ages 18 to over 65. The survey included students, builders both employed and unemployed. 64% of the men surveyed and 41% of the women confessed to being regular toilet readers. Were not programmed to consider our toilet as a piece of furniture but for most of us, it is.

What To Consider When Buying A New Toilet

When you consider buying a toilet here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Dual-Flush Technology – These toilets have two buttons on the top of the tank. One for solid waste and one for liquid. This allows your toilet to use less water.
2. Tank size – Pre 1994 toilets used 3.5 gallons per flush. New toilets that have the ®WaterSense label save 20% on water use on the standard 1.6 gallons per flush toilets and saves 60% on water use on the old 3.5 Gallon per flush toilets.
3. Comfort – Consider your toilet a piece of furniture and not a fixture. Check for the right height and design that best suits you and your family.
4. Color – What color will match your bathroom? Most of the hardware companies like Home Depot or Lowes stock the standard colors like white or almond but any colors can be ordered.
5. Bowl Shape – Do you want a round bowl or oval?

Remember you’ll probably replace your sofa four times before you ever replace your toilet again, so it’s worth the extra time to find the right one––you won’t regret it.

How Much Will My New Toilet Cost

Like any other piece of furniture or appliance cost will vary. Toilets range from $88 to over $1000. For a nice duel flush toilet by ™American Standard, you can expect to pay $175 to $185. That comes with everything you need including the wax ring. If you never installed a toilet yourself, it’s always best to have it installed by your plumbing professional.

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