Trenchless sewer line repair

Trenchless Sewer Line Technology

So what is a trenchless sewer line? Its where your plumbing contractor will inject a pipeliner down your pipe also known as a cured-in-place-pipe. The tube is flexible and coated with resin then pulled down to the compromised area of the pipe then inflated. The damage caused to your landscape is very little, and the cost is substantially lower compared to digging up your yard and replacing it with a new sewer pipe.

The Trenchless Sewer Line Technology Is Still Growing

Trenchless sewer line technology has been around for some time. Developed in 1971 by Eric Wood in London England and a patent was granted in the U.S. in 1977. The product became commercialized by Insituform Technologies and became public domain in 1994. In some cases, its introduced as new technology, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most homeowners are not familiar with the process. With that said the use of the technology is still growing as homeowners get a deeper understanding of the product.

Used In Both Commercial and Residential

In the near future, trenchless sewer line technology will be part of every plumbing companies line of products and services. The use of the product extends to both commercial and residential. Since its subsurface construction, and requires no continuous trenches and has become the number one choice for sewer line repair.

Your plumbing contractor will carefully monitor the curing process. They will also test and inspect the line when completed. The recommendation for clearing your sewer line in the future is Hydro Jetting (AKA high-pressure water blasting). No longer should an auger (AKA plumbers snake) be used as a cleaning method.

Cost Will Vary Because Every Job Is Different

Cost is difficult to project because every sewer line is different but rest assured costs are substantially lower versus replacing your sewer line. Ask your plumbing contractor for a FREE estimate before work begins. A good practice is to get three estimates and check reviews. Don’t always go to the lowest bidder, if the estimates are close in range hire the contractor your most comfortable.

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