Drain flies

What Are Drain Flies?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably wondering what on earth those tiny fuzzy flies are that have decided to take up residence in your bathroom.

Drain Flies Are Hamless

You’ll be happy to know, these flies, commonly referred to as drain flies, are harmless; but, they are also a giant nuisance, so continue reading to learn more about the drain fly and how to evict them from your bathroom for good. They are identifiable by their small size, moth-like wings, and the characteristic grayish sludge they leave behind when squished. They are attracted to moist conditions with organic material, which make bathroom drains prime real estate for these pests.

Drain flies

These flies usually breed in the drains, and they are covered in fuzz. The most efficient way to rid yourself of an infestation is to identify the breeding spot; if you have these drain flies in your bathroom, it is most likely that they are breeding in the bathroom drain.

How To Confirm Where They’re Breeding

To confirm this, dry your sink and bathtub drains in the bathroom and place some tape over the open drain, with some air holes poked in to allow airflow to attract the flies. Check back the next day or two. If you see flies attached to the tape, you can be confident that this is the location of their breeding grounds. It is important to note, though, that there may be multiple breeding grounds. A whole bathroom cleaning may be in order to fully remove organic debris or stagnant water.

Kill The Larva

The next step would be to kill the larva to prevent future generations of flies; this must be done by cleaning the drain. There are a couple of ways this can be done, including:

  • Cleaning the area with a brush can dislodge organic matter in the drain and make the area less attractive to future infestations. Follow up with a drain snake tool to yank out any remaining debris, like hair.
  • Purchase an enzyme cleaner meant to break down organic matter. InVade Bio Drain cleaners are a popular and safe option; follow instructions on the bottle upon use. This can be used in both the shower drain and the bathroom sink. The key is using a cleaner that is tough on debris and larva, not your lungs or bathroom plumbing.
  • Rid of any remaining adult flies with a swatter of spray that is safe to use in your home and keep away from food or drink.
  • A sure-fire way to keep your bathroom drain fly-free for the future is to ensure you are cleaning the drains regularly to prevent hot spots for drain fly breeding.

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