What’s The Scoop On Electric Tankless Water Heaters

So what’s the scoop on electric tankless water heaters? While most manufacturers of natural gas tankless heaters qualify for the energy star label, tankless electric heaters are not eligible. In spite of that, the fact is 54% of residential water heaters are natural gas, and 38% are electric. In the past, we always referred to our water heaters as just that, water heaters. Not so any longer, in addition to tankless water heaters, they are also called on-demand water heater, instantaneous water heater, and point of use water heater.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Are A Perfect ChoiceElectric Tankless Water Heaters

At Big B’s Plumbing, we support new technology when it comes to saving water, electricity, and preserving the environment for the next generation. Additionally, we are big supporters of the EnergyStar program and promote the EnergyStar label. Here lies the dilemma with electric tankless water heaters, in many areas, electric water heating can potentially replace natural gas, in turn, increasing the demand for electricity. While electric tankless water heaters can eliminate standby losses when used in place of storage tank heaters, they have the potential to increase the demand for electricity. In relation to heating water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with EnergyStar will support other technology options for heating our water rather than embarking on electricity.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Last Longer

Whether we want to believe it or not, our utility companies are in the business of promoting and selling electricity. Utility companies support saving energy whenever they can. But with that said, they would encourage the use of electricity over an alternative power source whether it’s the best choice for the environment or not. Electric tankless water heaters outperform storage tank heaters and are an ideal choice regardless of the EnergyStar label. The driving force against these electric heaters is the sustainability movement in the United States. High-carbon emitting fossil fuels generate most of today’s electricity. The more power we use, the more greenhouse gases are produced. In general, this movement is against anything that uses electricity. Additionally, electric tankless water heaters have a longer life than gas water heaters.

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