Time To Repipe Your Home

When Do You Repipe Your Home?

When is it time to repipe your home? Everyone has heard the saying, “Don’t throw good money after bad.” That saying holds true for repiping your house. One thing we certainly don’t want to do is continually put money into our home’s plumbing system when we know the inevitable is right around the corner. Most of us have experienced dumping money into an automobile knowing it’s on its last leg. However, very few of us have ever experienced a home that needs to have its pipes replaced. In both cases, whether our car or our house, it’s usually about the ability to afford it. Even the thought of having our pipes replaced in our home is a scary one. Americans, in general, are as quick to go into debt as in years past, and rightly so.

What Are The Signs That You Need To Repipe Your Home

Low water pressure is high on the list of symptoms of failing pipes. While you can contribute low water pressure to a list of things, and not just bad pipes, it’s an excellent place to start if your pipes are over 30 years old. Mineral buildup in your pipes over many years can cause restriction of water flow in your pipes. Pipe leaks come in a strong second when our pipes start to wear down. Again, a pipe that leaks in an isolated area isn’t enough of a problem to replace your pipes. However, when you begin to see your pipes leaking in several areas including the joints, it’s time to consider a home repiping.

Our Pipes Wear Down Over Many Years

While there are many causes that lead to our pipes breaking down, there is one common denominator. The age of our pipes. Like so many other things in our home, our Hard water depositspipes wear down and stop working correctly over many years of use. If your home still has galvanized pipes, then your home is ready for a repiping.

The life expectancy of galvanized pipes is 40 to 50 years, and that’s dependent upon the water quality in your area. The last homes fitted with galvanized pipes were back in the 1960s. Keep in mind, your pipes may still distribute water to the house, although poorly. Most old homes that still have galvanized pipes have bad water pressure at the very least, but at some point, they will experience a water leak.

You Can Rely On Cooper Pipes

Copper pipes are much more reliable and have a longer lifespan than galvanized pipes. They are known to last 50 to 70 years and if your home has a water purifier, that will extend the life of your pipes even further. Copper piping has become the standard for new homes, in addition to repiping our older homes since the 1960s. Get a Free estimate to “repipe your home” from Big B’s Plumbing.

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