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When Is It Time To Call My Plumber?

The big question is, “When is it time to call my plumber?”  We know the obvious, such as a broken water heater, pipe leak, slab leak, or clogged sewer line. These are all cases that you need to call your plumber. But then there are those gray areas that we would rather wait and see if the problem goes away; for instance, a slow-moving drain, low water pressure, sewage smell in the yard, or the need to continually plunge your toilets. The fact is, our plumbing system will not last forever; it requires maintenance, repairs, and at times, upgrades.

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Slow Moving Drains, Call My Plumber

Are your toilets backing up for no reason? Are your sinks draining slowly? Then it’s time to call your plumbing contractor. Slow moving drains are a sign that your main sewer line is backing up. If not corrected soon, eventually the entire line will clog altogether, causing more than just a plumbing problem but also a health risk. Getting your sewer line inspected and cleared won’t break the bank. In some cases, a hydro-jetting machine is brought in for severe drains; it’s powerful drain clearing abilities will remove everything in the path, and that includes tree roots. So put away the plunger and call your plumber for fast moving drains.

Slow Moving Drains, Call My Plumber

Low Water Pressure

Are you living with low water pressure? While it’s true that low water pressure could be the sign of a bigger problem such as your home may need repiping, but in many cases, the problem may be much simpler than you may think. For example, a water leak or your water meter slightly turned to “Off” can cause low water pressure. Additionally, a water heater shut off valve and a water heater blockage within your lines can cause low water pressure to your hot water. The biggest culprit of low water pressure is your pressure reducing valve (PRV) valve. You can adjust the valve for more or less pressure, and in some cases, the valve itself will need replacing. At the very least, call your plumbing contractor. The problem may be smaller than you initially thought. As strange as it may sound, good water pressure is part of a good quality of life.

Low water Pressure, Call My Plumber

Sewage Smell In My Front Yard

Have you put up with the sewage smell in your front yard long enough? When you’re smelling sewage, chances are your sewer lines are broken. In addition to the sewage smell, you’ll usually see an area of grass that’s much greener than the rest. Fixing a broken sewer line is critical, the obvious, health concerns. The line will eventually be attracting roots because of the nutrients in the sewage. The sewer line will ultimately clog and will affect the whole household. Most sewer line repairs are completed using the latest trenchless sewer line repair technology. The process used for the repairs of the old sewer line will not damage the surrounding landscape.

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