Your Shut Off Valves CheckList

We all want to do it ourselves and save a few bucks, but when it comes to replacing shut off valves it’s best to leave it to a professional. Now you can look online, and you’ll find many resources telling Shut Off Valves For Your Toiletyou how to change or install shut off valves, but unless you’re knowledgeable don’t attempt it. The smallest leak can cause severe damage to your home. As a plumbing company, it’s all too familiar when someone tries to do-it-themselves and trouble strikes. There are those minor fixes that homeowners can attempt themselves, but when it comes to soldering and installing pipes for the first time, it’s not a good idea.

Know Where Your Shut Off Valves Located

Shutoff valves also called stop valves come in different shapes, sizes, and uses. For instance, you have a washing machine shut off valve that can manually control water flow and pressure. It comes complete with a single lever control. Your bathroom should be equipped with two shut off valves, one for your toilet and one under the sink. The bathroom shutoff valve is a compression valve with a water supply hose. Shut off valves are also recommended for your water heater. Ball valves are best for your water heater. Even your refrigerator has a shut off valve. The refrigerator shut-off is usually located under the sink in a cabinet next to the fridge. It’s a 1/4 inch copper line that’s attached to a saddle valve.

Shutoff Valve Checklist:

shut off valves for your washer
Every homeowner should know where every shutoff valve in the homes is located. They should know how to shut the water off to any part of the house. Below is a shut-off valve checklist:

  • Toilet – If you’re facing the toilet, it’s usually located on the left side.
  • Bathroom sinks – Shutoff is under the sink.
  • Kitchen sink – In the cabinet under the sink
  • Washer – Located in the outlet box above the washer
  • Dishwasher – Under the kitchen sink
  • Water heater – It’s usually on the incoming cold water copper pipe.
  • Home – The shut-off valve to shut the water off to the complete house can be found in the garage or outside wall.

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