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Big B's Plumbing is your premier licensed Escondido sewer line repair company. We have hundreds of top-notch reviews along with an  A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. From the time we step into your home, our goal is to be your "Plumber For Life."



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Big Bs Plumbing - Escondido Sewer line RepairBig B's Plumbing is your premier licensed Escondido Sewer Line Repair company. Water that comes into your home must have a way out – that's perhaps the best way to describe what a sewer line is all about. That is why your home has one line that supplies water for the whole house and another that sends it out as wastewater. The two pipes must always be at their optimum performance. Even the slightest glitch on any of these lines can quickly bring your home to a standstill. The ripple effect could be a sewer back up, flooding, or slow-moving drains. That's why Big B's plumbing company services Escondido with a team of highly trained, and experienced plumbers, equipped with the best plumbing equipment, technology, and supplies to ensure your sewer line issues get resolved ASAP. Big B's Plumbing is your Escondido sewer line repair company.

Slow Moving Drains - The Number One Sign Of A Failing Sewer Line

Unlike many other plumbing issues, sewer line problems often crop up silently and slowly. They then strike when you least expect. Your best bet is to be on the lookout for the first signs of a failing or sewer line. Slow-moving drains stand out the most. Many homeowners usually misunderstand the sign for clogged drains that need cleaning. Not just one drain moves slowly, but all your them will take time to clear. Make the call to Big B's Plumbing as soon as you notice your drains taking too long to clear. We use advanced video equipment to trace the problem and come up with a clear plan of action. We use the latest drain clearing equipment to clear and clean your sewer line, including tree roots. When you need your sewer line cleared, trust Big B's Plumbing - your #1 Escondido sewer line repair company.

Tree Roots Are A Major Sewer Line Concern

Sewer line problems come in many forms. The most notorious one has a lot to do with grease and sludge that build up inside the sewer main. Eventually, the solids cause a complete backup. Intrusive tree roots can also take a toll on your sewer lines. They move along sewer lines in search of moisture and nutrients. Once they find a crack or crevice, they squeeze in and eventually create a larger crack. Over time, the roots grow thicker inside the drains living off the raw sewage, causing it to clogs, leading to backups. The problem with tree roots usually takes place in older homes.  

Our experts will first use camera inspection to analyze the extent of damage on your sewer lines. They'll then advise you accordingly to whether it is prudent to replace or repair your sewer lines. We've been serving our customers in Escondido for close to a decade. Our plumbing experts will diagnose the problem and give you the best solution.

Your #1 Escondido Sewer Line Repair Company

At Big B's Plumbing, we only offer practical solutions after thoroughly analyzing the problem. For instance, our experts recommend hydro jet drain cleaning for clogged drains. It is by far the best solution for clogged drains as it clears and cleans everything in its path. It is also fast and affordable. We can also recommend a "cure in place sewer line" for slightly broken lines or cracks. Also referred to as trenchless sewer line repair, it is an effective solution for pretty obvious reasons. First off, the technique doesn't involve digging up landscapes to access drains and pipes. It is a fast, clean, and eco-friendly solution. It is also affordable and offers solutions that last! Make Big B's Plumbing your #1 Escondido sewer line repair company.

Let us clear your stubborn drains once and for all! Our hydro jet drain cleaning services will without a doubt, leave a lasting impression on any homeowner. The hydro jetter will clear anything in its path and leave your drain crystal clean. Call us today to experience a 5-star Escondido sewer line repair company.

We Conduct A Thorough Camera Inspection

At Big B's Plumbing, we don't just offer solutions blindly. We conduct a thorough camera inspection before advising you on the most appropriate solution. A camera inspection will show a homeowner firsthand what is taking place in their sewer line so they can make an informed decision. Our goal is to make sure all homes in Escondido enjoy flawless plumbing and sewer systems. Throughout our time serving our customers, we've garnered hundreds of positive ratings. We are, in fact, an accredited BBB member complete with an A+ rating.

Professionalism Guaranteed!

Our contractor's license #986152 is in perfect standing as a testament to the quality services we offer. Be sure to check us out on Yelp! Facebook, Google Business, and other social media platforms where we have 4.9 to 5 stars ratings.




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  • Shower Valves Replaced
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