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Are your drains moving so slow and you have no time to wait? Big B's Plumbing has the once-and-for-all solution, a drain pipe camera inspection! Your drain will be flowing the way it should be after your plumbing experts give you top-notch service. Call us today!



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A Camera Inspection Is The Best Solution


Big B's Plumbing - Drain Pipe Camera Inspection Escondido

Are you struggling with clogged kitchen, bathroom, or laundry-room drains? We know how frustrating recurring clogged drains can be. A homeowner can clear a clogged drain in most cases, but when a drain continues to clog after being cleared, then it's time for a drain pipe camera inspection. Your best bet is to look for a permanent solution. We conduct thorough drain pipe camera inspection to pinpoint with precision where the problem lies. This doesn't just save time. It also saves money because you won't have to keep calling a plumber to clear your drain. It will also ensure that we detect underlying issues to precisely tackle the problem that needs attention. When you have a backed-up sewer main, consider a drain pipe camera inspection from Big B's Plumbing.

When To Consider Drain Pipe Camera Inspections

The fact is, most clogged drains don't need a camera inspection. If that’s the case, when should a homeowner order a camera inspection?

  • Recurring clogged drains is one reason for a camera inspection; for example, if you have a drain that's been professionally cleared only to have the clog return a couple of months later.
  • Are you selling your home? Having a drain pipe camera inspection will speak volumes for a potential home buyer, it shows good faith from the sellers.
  • When your plumber cannot clear a drain using a plumber's snake, a camera inspection must be ordered.
  • If hydro jetting is the only option to clear a drain, then a camera inspection is needed.

Before You Remodel, Have Your Drain Lines Inspected

When considering a home remodel that will include a bathroom or other drain pipes, an assessment of the sewer line can give an in-depth view and evaluation of the line. It will also show areas of deterioration, cracks, root intrusion, and other possible issues that could be a problem further down the road. It doesn't end there. A drain pipe camera inspection can also trace where all plumbing and sewer lines are and where accessible cleanouts are located.

Aging Pipes And Sewer Lines Need A Camera Inspection

Under normal conditions in California, our copper and galvanized steel pipes will last between 40 and 70 years. The go-to sewer line before 1970 washome repipe clay pipes, which typically last 50 to 60 years. In the 70s, PVC became the better choice for new home construction. PVC pipes are estimated to last 100 years. With any of our old sewer lines, there are challenges it will face, such as the weight of the soil, shifting soil, root intrusion, calcium, and minerals that build up in your line becoming a catch-all for what you put down your drain. Knowing the signs that there is a problem with your sewer main can go a long way. If you see lush green areas on your lawn, the smell of raw sewage, or slow-moving drains, then it's time to get your drains inspected by camera. A drain pipe camera inspection can also help you determine if your sewer line is damaged.

Prompt and Timely Response And A Reliable Team Of Plumbing Pros

At Big B's Plumbing, we're there for you 24/7. We understand how frustrating clogged drain pipes can be. That is why we treat each call with the urgency you deserve. We have a reliable team of plumbing experts always ready for dispatch. You only need to call.  Our customer service department will schedule the earliest possible appointment. Prompt services, professionalism, good value, and commitment to excellence define what we do.

Stellar Plumbing Technology For Every Plumbing Issue

Modern plumbing problems call for advanced and innovative plumbing solutions. With that said, you don't have to worry about how complex your plumbing issue is. We have fully equipped plumbing vans complete with some of the most advanced plumbing equipment. Our plumbers are exceptionally trained, background checked, and passionate about their work.

Plumbers You Can Count On

Big B's plumbing boasts of a stellar reputation when it comes to plumbing. Our services in Escondido go beyond drain pipe camera inspections. We're an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We were also nominated, ‘Business of the Year’ by a local Chamber of Commerce. To us, these aren't just achievements but testaments of the kind of services we offer. With plumbers that are background checked by an independent third party called TheSeal.com, because your safety is our top priority. We're also a C-36 licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor. Call us anytime you need your drains inspected, cleaned, repaired, or replaced.




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