Epoxy Sewer Line Replacement

My sewer line is backing up. This is the second time in the last two months. We’re smelling sewage around the house, and I’m beginning to think this is more than a clogged sewer line. Does any of this sound familiar? You start to think, “What will it cost to replace a sewer line?”, and “What about my landscaping?” For most homeowners, you can count on one hand the times you have had to call your plumber, especially if you’re in a newer home. We can probably give you the update on the latest iPhone technology, but the latest plumbing technology, that’s another story. In fact, most homeowners don’t even know anyone that’s had their sewer pipe replaced.

You Don’t Need To Tear Up Your Old Sewer LineEpoxy Sewer Line

In most cases, your cracked or broken sewer pipe doesn’t need replacing. Here’s the silver lining, no pun intended, instead of replacing your sewer line you can have an epoxy sewer line installed. Furthermore, you don’t have to tear up your current landscaping. The epoxy sewer line is also referred to as a cured in place sewer line and a trenchless sewer line.

Epoxy Sewer Line – How The Process Works:

1) The pipe must be video inspected by your plumbing company. Most sewer lines qualify for the epoxy coating, but in some cases, if the damage is too severe, it will need replacing. A camera is sent down the pipe to inspect the damage.

2) The pipe needs to be free of any debris so it’s cleared with a plumber’s snake or a hydro-jetter.

3) Once the line is cleared and cleaned, the pipelining can be pulled into place. An epoxy resin saturated pipe is pulled into position. The pipeliner is made of polyester and fiberglass.

4) Air pressure is inserted into the liner, holding it to the inner walls of the sewer line until it dries in place.

The project’s completed without being invasive to the landscaping because only a small portion of the sewer line needs to be accessed. An epoxy sewer line is expected to last 50 years or longer.

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