Plumbers Scam

Avoid The Plumbers Scam

Avoid the plumbers scam and be on your guard when hiring any tradesperson. The bottom line is that most homeowners are going to believe what you tell them in regards to plumbing. Reputation is paramount when it comes to plumbing companies. The first thing to watch out for are plumbers that have different pricing for…
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copper pipes

Copper Piping Is The Best

Here are some quick facts on copper piping. Copper pipes date back to over 4000 years. History tells us that ancient Egyptians used copper to transport water around 2150 BC. The Romans used copper pipes to distribute water. Copper has become the most used material for plumbing since the 1940’s. Cooper is scientifically safe and…
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Ask Questions and Hire A Plumber

Hire A Plumber That’s Not Out For A Quick Buck

How do I hire a plumber that isn’t out to make a quick buck? In short, you don’t know unless you do your research. Let me give you an example of someone out to make a quick buck. My refrigerator stopped cooling, we contacted the maker which had their phone number listed on the inside of…
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Contractors License Board Online

How To Find A Plumbing Contractor

It not hard to find a plumbing contractor. In fact, it’s not hard to find any contractor. Finding them is simple, getting to know them takes a little work. Give yourself five to ten minutes, and you can find out everything you need to know. The California State License Board (CSLB) can give you all…
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natural gas

Natural Gas Leaks Are Nothing To Mess With!

Most homeowners know that the natural gas that comes into our home is our responsibility. SoCalGas® is responsible for the gas until it hits the meter. From that point on, it’s up to the homeowner, property manager, or tenant to maintain their natural gas. This includes all pipes leading to the pool, spa, barbeque and…
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Plumbing questions

The Big 3 Plumbing Questions

My Bathroom Drains Always Gets Backed Up. What Can I Do? Your drains are backing up because your pipe has slime on them. Slime forms when you brush your teeth, comb your hair, shave or wash your hands. Bio-slime is a collection of bacteria brought on by organic matter found in bathroom products. To keep…
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