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If your home has a slab leak, trust the Perris slab leak repair and detection experts at Big B's Plumbing. We use the latest techniques and technology to put your slab leak to rest. 



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parris Slab Leak Repair And Detection

For many years Big B's Plumbing has been providing Perris slab leak repair and detection services to homeowners in Perris. In addition to slab leak repairs, Perris has relied on us for commercial, residential, and emergency plumbing services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once a small town, the city has grown from 6,800 in 1980 to close to 80,000 currently. All our customers whether residential or commercial still have that small town feel. Affordable housing, fantastic climate, strip malls, shopping centers, schools, are all part of the vibes taking place in Perris and families are taking root. And let's not forget, it's the place for thrill seekers- sky diving and hot air ballooning.

Some Homeowner Don't Know What A Slab Leak Is

Old nostalgic homes along with the new housing tracks have caused a significant demand for plumbing services. Unfortunately, many of those older homes in Perris are encountering slab leaks. While not as prevalent as a broken water heater, clogged sewer line or a water pressure problem, homeowners need to be aware. Some of the homeowners we spoke to that have experienced a slab leak didn't think it was possible for a pipe to leak while encased in a concrete foundation.

Discovering A Leak Is Half The Battle

Half the battle is locating the leak since the leak is in your foundation; discovery can take days, weeks, and even months. The best place to find any leak in your home is from your water bill. The first thing to remember when looking at your water bill is don't assume that a high water bill is the cause of high water usage in your home. A high water bill may be telling you there is a water leak in your home. If you have a high water bill, run a water leak check.

Check Your Meter For A LeakCheck List:
1. All water must be turned off in your home.
2. Turn off your water meter, usually located near the sidewalk in the front of your house.
3. Write down the meter reading.
4. Wait 30 minutes while all the water and meter is set to off.
5. After 30 minutes recheck the meter. If the meter reading has increased, you have a water leak. Wait, you're not done yet!
6. Locate the turn off valve to your landscaping and turn it off.
7. After you've waited 30 minutes recheck the meter. If the meter showed no increase, then the water leak was coming from your irrigation. If the meter continues to increase the problem is coming from your home.

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Perris Slab Leak Repair And Detection Is On Call 24/7Perris Slab Leak Repair And Detection Truck

Now that you know you have a leak and you know where to look, it makes locating it that much easier. Below is an easy water leak check.

1. Check under all your sinks for mold or moisture
2. Listen for runny toilets
3. Check for any dripping showerheads or faucets
4. inspect the areas around your home for puddling

Once everything checks ok around your home, now it's time to inspect for a slab leak.

1. Check all carpeted areas that are exposed to the foundation rub your hands or bare feet across the carpet to check for moisture.
2. Use your sense of smell to smell for mildew. If you feel moisture or smell mildew pull your carpet back to check for mold.
3. Complete a walkthrough of all tiled floors, hardwood floors, laminates, and linoleum floor. Check for discoloration, buckling, and linoleum popping up.
4. Look for dark areas on your garage floor. Dark areas are a sure sign of moisture.

At Big B's Plumbing, we're on Call 24/7

If you see or experience the signs of moisture chances are you have a slab leak. Call Big B's Plumbing your Perris slab leak repair and detection company. Our slab leak team is advanced in the latest slab leak repair technology. We're an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau with top-notch reviews. Call today and get the customer care, value and speedy service you deserve.