Epoxy Sewer Line Replacement

At Big B's Plumbing, we have you covered with an epoxy sewer line replacement. Our highly skilled plumbing technicians have been serving our Riverside County customers for close to a decade.



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Trust Your Sewer Pipe Repair To Big B's Plumbing!

Epoxy Sewer LineEpoxy sewer line replacement is a method in which epoxy with a felt tube is inserted into a fractured sewer pipe for repair. The sewer pipe is first cleaned and cleared of all obstructions. Then we run a video camera down the drain to correctly measure out the liner. Once the liner is measured out, we prepare the housing unit that will hold the liner and epoxy in place while inserted into the sewer line. An epoxy resin is mixed and poured into a felt liner. The felt liner holds the epoxy in place when inserted into the sewer pipe. Your Big B's Plumbing specialist will roll the liner to ensure there is no air in the line. Once all the air is removed from the liner, it’s placed in the housing where it can be pulled or blown into place.

Epoxy Sewer Line Replacement Will Last 50 Years Or Longer

The epoxy sewer line is also known as a trenchless sewer line and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP). Epoxy sewer lines are less invasive to landscaping. In most cases, you'll only need a small access hole to the sewer line, one large enough to insert the housing. The liner is seamless which means your pipe is much stronger. The epoxy liner will evenly mold to the older pipe creating a new pipe within the old pipe. You can expect your new epoxy sewer line replacement to last 50 years or longer. In most cases, one day is all that's needed to complete the procedure, but the worst case scenario is two days.

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Epoxy Sewer Line Replacement A Welcomed Alternative

While epoxy sewer line replacement has been in the USA since the late 70's and early 80's, the procedure is still unknown to many homeowners. A broken sewer line can mean a significant setback for a homeowner. The epoxy sewer line replacement is a welcomed relief because it will cost the homeowner less than invasive sewer line replacement and will probably last as long as the home. At Big B's Plumbing; our specialists have advanced training in epoxy sewer line replacement.

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