Leak Detection Service Riverside County

Big B's leak detection service can locate and repair any leak, water or gas. Need a plumber after hours? We serve our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. 



Yelp 5 stars for slab leak repair

A Team Dedicated To Finding and Fixing Your Leak Fast

Leak Detection Service Riverside County

Leak Detection Service Riverside County

Are you in need of a leak detection service? Are you experiencing a slab leak, gas leak, pipe leak, or a leak in your sewer line? At Big B's Plumbing, we have the most advanced leak detection equipment available. Furthermore, we have a staff dedicated to finding and fixing your leak fast. Whether your plumbing technician is locating a gas, pipe or water leak, we have you covered.

Leak Detection Service That Can Detect Any Leak

Your local gas company provides emergency leak detection services and should be called when you smell gas. Sewer lines tend to crack or even break over time especially in older homes with cast iron pipes. A Plumbing professional from Big B's plumbing can quickly detect this kind of leak. Other leaks in the walls can visually be detected. A small pinhole leak that sprouts up behind the wall can visually be detected. These type of water leaks will show up in your drywall bulging, and at times you'll see mold. If not addressed fast these small leaks can cause severe damage. Along with the damage, we all know how mold can create serious health problems. At Big B's we have the leak detection service that can detect any leak.

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Big B's Plumbing has The Equipment and Customer Care You Need

For detecting a leak below the slab, we use an electronic water leak detector. Water leaks produce sound, and the electronic leak detector can pick up sound waves caused by the water coming out of the pipe. Sound waves are picked up, precisely locating the leak. Significant damage occurs when a leak goes undetected for an extended period.

Big B's Plumbing have Trucks Stocked Ready For Service

When it comes to leak detection service finding the right company with the right equipment is critical. Additionally, you'll want a plumbing company driven by customer care. Combine the two, and you have Big B's Plumbing. A+ rated by the BBB and rated 4.9 to 5 stars on Google+, Facebook, and Yelp. Call today and get leak detection service you deserve.

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