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Are you ready to start a minor upgrade to your bathroom, replacing your toilets is the best place to start?  Toilet technology advancements have accelerated dramatically during the past several years. Big B's Plumbing is the market leader in new toilet installation and repair in San Marcos, CA.  Whether you choose a dual-flush or a smart toilet, we have the plumbing technician that is right for your toilet installation. Big B's Plumbing is an A+ rated plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau and has over 1,000 great reviews on Yelp!, Facebook, and Google My Business.

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Big B's Plumbing - New Toilet Installation Or Repair In San Marcos, CA.

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom with new toilets? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Don't just have anyone install your new toilets trust one of our five-star experts to your new toilet installation or repair in San Marcos, California. It is a widely believed assumption that toilets are indestructible household fixtures. However, it seems as though we can replace one or two components regularly, and they continue to function normally. Although, some plumbers claim that they've seen some toilets that have survived 40 and 50 years and there still working.

Legislation Has Established New Flushing Standards

Despite the fact that no one should own a toilet built prior to 1994, one thing is certain: these old out-of-date toilets still currently exist. President George H.W. Bush signed legislation establishing performance standards for toilets under the Energy Policy Act into law in 1994. (EPAct). In the past, toilets would require 3.5 gallons of water per flush prior to 1994. (GPF). However, in 1994, this figure was reduced to 1.6 GPF. Additionally, showerheads got restricted to a maximum water use of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

Our Bathrooms Are A Huge Necessity And Provide A Brief Respite From A Long Day

Believe it or not, our bathrooms have a greater impact on our well-being than one might think? Without a doubt, most of us are unaware of the critical nature of our toilet time. Here are some fascinating facts. A non-profit organization took a poll; they polled 2000 individuals and found that men spend on average 1 hour and forty-two 42 minutes every week on the commode. On the other hand, women only needed an average of 85 minutes each week to take care of business. For the majority of people, our bathrooms are a huge necessity because they provide a brief respite from a long day on the job. Some will use this time to scan their smartphones or to get caught up on the news quickly.  Nevertheless, it provides an opportunity for many of us to decompress for a few moments before getting started again.

Consider All Your Possibilities When Selecting A New Toilet

When it comes to purchasing a new toilet, we have a variety of possibilities. However, when selecting our new toilet, comfort should always be at the top of the list. For instance, is your preference a circular toilet seat or an elongated one? For most people, elongated toilet seats seem to provide the most comfort, but oval seats are compact, making them ideal for small bathrooms. Additionally, taller individuals and those with physical constraints can buy toilets that are taller in height to meet their need for a taller toilet. The usual toilet height, on the other hand, is fourteen to sixteen inches.

Your Big B's Plumbing Technician Will Complete Your New Toilet Installation Or Repair In San Marcos, CA

The most frequently purchased toilets are two-piece toilets because they are generally cost less than the one-piece. Nevertheless, one-piece toilets are more modern, much easier to clean, and cost more. While wall-mounted have recently increased in popularity, they do require additional construction to accommodate them. When you need a new toilet installed, don't just settle, have a professional technician from Big B's Plumbing complete your new toilet installation or repair in San Marcos, CA. 

Along with your new toilet, have you ever considered purchasing a new toilet stool that will enhance your toilet experience? Numerous companies offer a wide variety of hues. Additional features, including seat warmers and built-in bidets, are also available for your commode.

Flushing Accounts For 30% Of A Typical Homes Water Usage

However, we usually advocate purchasing a toilet with a lower GPF rating than the needed 1.6 GPF, as flushing our toilets can consume up to 30% of the water in a typical home.

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Certain individuals feel that multiple flushes are required when using low-flow toilets. That is pure fiction! This might have been true until around the turn century, but it's no longer the case. The power of flushing has significantly increased while water usage has lowered as a result of advancements in toilet design and engineering. The adoption of dual flush toilets is also trending among customers and manufacturers alike. The majority of dual flush toilets have a liquid flush capacity of 1.1 GPF and a solid flush waste capacity of 1.6 GPF. For your next new toilet installation in San Marcos, California, contact Big B's Plumbing.

Smart Toilets Are Becoming More Affordable To The Average Household

Prior to the smart toilets, consumers already had a variety of alternatives. So, what must a toilet accomplish to earn the label "smart toilet"? The phrase "intelligent toilets" is another name used by manufacturers. Smart toilets process data and include interactive features, earning them the title "smart toilets." These toilets continue to rely on the users' intelligence. However, intelligent toilets may be quite costly in most cases. Although, many manufacturers have brought the cost of owning a smart toilet down to a more affordable price for most households. Manufacturers of smart toilets such as TOTO and Kohler have paved the way by lowering the price of smart toilets without sacrificing quality.

Below Are Just A Few Features Used In Smart Toilets

  • Ergonomic seat design
  • When you're in the dark, the night light paves your way.
  • For enhanced comfort, they extended the bowl.
  • Dual flush choices of 0.6 and 1.28 gallons are available.
  • A three-year limited warranty is included with every purchase.
  • With oscillating spray and three wash options
  • Remote control with touch screen
  • Toilet seats that open and close automatically 
  • Heated seat warmers 
  • Single piece toilets are available 

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When you need a new toilet installation in San Marcos, Big B's Plumbing has you covered. You can find over a thousand good client reviews on Yelp!, Google My Business, and Facebook. In addition, big B's Plumbing is an accredited San Marcos plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Therefore, contact us today and receive the assistance you deserve!


New Toilet Installation In San Marcos, CA.

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