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Are you ready to start a minor upgrade to your bathroom? Replacing your toilets is the best place to start.  Toilet technology advancements have accelerated dramatically during the past several years. Big B's Plumbing is the market leader in new toilet installation and repair in Vista, CA.  Whether you choose a dual-flush or a smart toilet, we have the technician that is right for your toilet installation. Big B's Plumbing is an A+ rated plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau and has over 1,000 great reviews on Yelp!, Facebook, and Google My Business.

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Vista, CA New Toilet Installation and Repair


Big B's Plumbing - New Toilet Installation And Repair Vista, CA.

Is it time to replace your toilets in your bathroom? No worries, we've got you covered! Don't rely on just any plumbing company to install your new toilets. Instead, trust one of our five-star specialists to install or repair your new toilet. It's a common notion that our toilets are indestructible home fixtures. All we need to do is replace a part or two every few years, and they just keep on ticking. Some plumbers claim to have seen toilets that have been in use for 40 to 50, even 60 years, and are still functional.

You Should Own A Toilet That Has The New Flushing Standards

No homeowner should own a toilet manufactured before 1994 because they are outdated and should not exist much past that date. In 1994, President George H.W. Bush signed legislation into law that established performance criteria for toilets as part of the Energy Policy Act. (EPAct). Prior to 1994, toilet flushes required 3.5 gallons of water per flush  (GPF). The latest law decreased water usage to 1.6 GPF. Showerheads were also limited to 2.5 gallons per minute. Although, there's more to buying a toilet, faucet, or showerhead than cost or design because performance should be at the top of the list.

Our Bathrooms Are For More Than Just Relieving Ourselves

Our toilets, surprisingly, have a larger influence on our wellness than one may think. Undoubtedly, most of us are oblivious to how important our bathroom time is. Here are a few interesting facts. A non-profit group conducted a survey of 2000 people and discovered that males occupy on average one hour and forty-two minutes each week on the toilet. Women, however, only required eighty-five minutes every week to take care of business. Our restrooms are vital for most people since they give a little break after a day of work or play. Some people may use this opportunity to check their phones or catch up on the current news. Nonetheless, it gives many of us a chance to unwind for a few minutes before heading back out for the day's activities.

Check All Your Options When Choosing A Toilet

We have a number of options for acquiring a new toilet. When choosing a new one, comfort should always take precedence. For example, does your bottom feel better in a round or an elongated toilet seat?  Elongated toilet seats seem to be the most comfortable for most people, but round seats are more compact, making them excellent for tiny bathrooms. Additionally, taller people and those with physical limitations might purchase taller toilets to satisfy their needs. In contrast, the standard toilet heights are fourteen to sixteen inches.

Check Out All The Extras When Making A Purchase

Two-piece toilets are the most often bought since they are typically less expensive than one-piece toilets. However, one-piece toilets are more contemporary, simpler to clean, but are generally more expensive. Whereas wall-mounted toilets have lately become more popular, they do need some construction and for that reason alone will cost more overall. Don't simply settle for any new toilet installation, have a skilled expert from Big B's Plumbing install or repair your new toilet in Vista, CA.

Have you stopped to consider acquiring a new toilet stool to go along with your new toilet? A large range of colors is available from a number of vendors. Seat warmers and built-in bidets are among the additional options available for your toilet.

Flushing Accounts For 30% Of Water Usage In A Home


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Since flushing our toilets may take up to 30% of the water in a normal home, we typically recommend selecting a toilet with a lower gallon per flush rating than the required 1.6 GPF. Many commodes on the market require less than 1.6 GPF that provides excellent flushing performance.

Dual Flush Toilets Are Becoming More Popular For Users

When using low-flow toilets, some people believe that repeated flushes are needed, but for the record, that is completely false.  This may have been accurate before the turn of the century, but it's no longer true. As a result of advances in toilet design and new engineering, flushing power has improved dramatically while water use has decreased. As a result, dual flush toilets are becoming more popular among users and manufacturers. Most dual flush toilets feature a 1.1 gallon per flush for liquid waste and a 1.6 GPF solid flush for solid waste. Contact Big B's Plumbing for your next new toilet installation or repair in Vista, CA.

Smart Toilets Are For Everyone

Consumers already had a number of new commode options before introducing smart toilets. What does it take for a toilet to be labeled a "smart toilet"? Manufacturers also refer to these toilets as "intelligent toilets." The term "smart toilet" refers to toilets that analyze data and includes interactive features. These toilets continue to depend on the intelligence of their users. Intelligent toilets, on the other hand, may be fairly expensive in most circumstances. However, several manufacturers have reduced the cost of owning a smart toilet to a level that most homeowners can afford. TOTO and Kohler, among other smart toilet manufacturers, have blazed the way by decreasing the price of smart toilets without losing quality.

Check Out The Features Below:

  • The ergonomic design of the seat
  • The night light illuminates your path while you're in the dark
  • They expanded the bowl for added comfort.
  • There are two flush options: 0.6 and 1.28 gallons.
  • Every purchase comes with a three-year limited warranty.
  • It comes with three wash oscillating spray choices.
  • A touch screen remote control
  • Automatic open and close toilet seats
  • Heated seat warmers
  • Many more options are available.

We Have Thousands Of Positive Customer Reviews

If you ever need a new toilet installation in Vista, CA we have you covered.  You can discover over a thousand positive customer reviews on Yelp!, Google My Business, and Facebook. In addition, Big B's Plumbing is also a Better Business Bureau-accredited Vista, CA,  plumbing Company with an A+ rating. As a result, call us right away to get the help you need!


New Toilet Installation And Repair Vista, CA.

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