New Toilet Installation And Repair Oceanside, CA.

Do you want to start upgrading the bathroom but aren't sure where to begin? Is it time to upgrade your outdated toilets to a more efficient model? The advancements in modern toilet technology have exploded during the last several years. You'll have your toilet for many years, so consider having your plumbing professional install it to perfection.  We've got you covered, whether you want the latest smart toilet or the water-efficient dual-flush toilet. With over a thousand five-star reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp!, you can see firsthand what others write about Big B's Plumbing. It's always our goal to provide legendary service and become "Your Plumber for Life."

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Oceanside California, New Toilet Installation and Repair

Big B's Plumbing - New Toilet Installation And Repair Oceanside, CA.

Do you need to replace your old toilets? There's no reason to be worried!  Our plumbing experts have installed over a thousand toilets throughout the years, including the most up-to-date models and designs. As a result, a vast number of homeowners believe that toilets may survive as long as your house. At the same time, that may be partially true; however, you will have to make minor repairs throughout the years.  Some experts estimate that your toilet might last anywhere between 40 and 50 years. However, after fifteen to twenty years, you should replace your old toilets with a more efficient model.

How Many Gallons Does Your Toilet Use Per Flush?

Nobody should own a toilet from before 1994; however, one thing is certain. These old, archaic toilets still exist despite their water-guzzling qualities. President George H.W. Bush signed a bill into law in 1994 that specifies new toilet regulations in accordance with the Energy Policy Act (EPAct). As a result, the typical toilet flush used 3.5 gallons of water before 1994. (GPF). In 1994, though, the new requirement fell to 1.6 GPF. Showerheads were similarly limited to a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

Check Out The Results Of Our Bathroom Survey

Most people have never really considered how our restroom habits affect our health and happiness. We probably never had a second thought about how important our bathroom time really is. Here are some fun, interesting facts about our restrooms and the society we live in. A non-profit group conducted a survey of 2000 people, and the results were as follows. First, throughout the week, males spent an average of one hour and forty-two minutes on the toilet attending to their business.

Women Are Much Better At Taking Care Of Business

Women, on the other hand, took care of their affairs in only 85 minutes every week. Bathrooms are important to most people because they provide a little reprieve after a long day at work. During this little window of time, a few individuals may check their smartphones or read a newspaper. For many of us, it allows us to relieve ourselves while providing a moment to relax before returning to work.

Your Comfort Should Be The Top Priority

Have you ever looked at all the choices you have when deciding on a new toilet? Of course, but always make sure to make comfort a priority when you purchase a new toilet. For instance, what's your preference? Do you like a round toilet seat or an elongated seat? It would be best to be mindful when making your selection. For example, round toilet seats perform well in smaller bathrooms with limited space, whereas elongated seats seem to be comfier for most individuals. Additionally, you may get a toilet that is 16 to 17 inches high, which is typically a suitable match for taller persons or those with physical limitations. On the other hand, the standard toilets vary in height from 14 to 16 inches.

Two-Piece Toilets Are Still The Most Popular

Even though there are many options, two-piece toilets appear the most popular and the least costly. Nevertheless, one-piece toilets are increasing in popularity and offer some excellent benefits with very few drawbacks.  While wall-mounted toilets are growing increasingly popular, they require costly modifications to your bathroom. Big B's Plumbing is ready to help you with your new toilet installation in Oceanside, CA.

Flushing Accounts For 30% Of Your Homes Water Usage


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When you consider your "toilet time," consider all your options. For example, when using a toilet stool, some people find it incredibly relaxing. There are many advantages, including being ergonomically correct. They're also available in a range of colors that will match your bathroom. You may also consider other features, such as heated seats and a built-in bidet. However, buying a toilet that consumes less than the suggested 1.6 GPF is usually the best idea because flushing our toilets may account for up to 30% of our total home water use.

The Demand For Dual-Flush Toilets Are Growing

With low-flow toilets, some people believe that solid waste requires more than one flush. That is just incorrect! That was true for low-flow toilets twenty-five years ago, but that's no longer the case with the new toilet designs. Due to advancements in toilet innovation and production, flushing power has increased while water use has decreased. Consequently, both consumers and manufacturers are growing increasingly interested in dual flush toilets. The capacity of your dual flush toilet is typically 1.1 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. Call Big B's Plumbing if you need a new toilet installation in Oceanside, California.

Smart Toilets Are Here With Affordable Price Points

Consumers have always had more options than we could ever want, but now we have "smart toilets." What is a "smart toilet," and how does it function in order for it to get labeled as such? To begin, smart toilets are also referred to as "intelligent toilets" by some manufacturers. Despite this, users' ability to reap the full advantages is still heavily reliant on their participation. As a result, some of these toilets might be rather costly for any homeowner. On the other hand, many manufacturers have recognized the desire and need for the typical homeowner to purchase a smart toilet. Kohler and TOTO, for example, provide some of the most advanced smart toilets at a price point that's affordable to the average homeowner without sacrificing quality.

What To Expect From Your Smart Toilet

  • Bidet with three wash settings and a spray that oscillates
  • Toilet seats that open and close on their own, as well as a nightlight for use at night
  • A three-year warranty is included with the purchase.
  • Dual flushing options are offered in 0.6 gallons and 1.28-gallon capacities, respectively.
  • The seat is meant to be as comfortable and ergonomically designed.
  • Both double and single-piece toilets are available.
  • The bowl's length has been expanded, which has improved comfort.
  • Seat warmer with touch screen technology and remote control, and much more

When You Need A New Toilet Installation In Oceanside, CA, Big B's Plumbing Has You Covered

Big B's Plumbing is available to help you with your new toilet installation in Oceanside, CA. You can check what others are saying on Yelp!, Google My Business, and Facebook. You'll be able to discover over a thousand positive customer reviews. Big B's Plumbing also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Get in touch with us right now to get the help you need!


New Toilet Installation And Repair Oceanside, CA.

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